Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Colour Challenge 22 - Cobalt

Looking through my folders of designer clothes for anything blue (stashed away and forgotten since, although I like this colour, it's not my usual choice) I found this gorgeous outfit and the avatar was done. Katlien was looking through her outfits at the same time, and when I went to hug her in her blue bunny suit, a story leapt out at me. The rest of the time was spent on the photoshoot, selecting/editing pics (a hard decision on this shoot!) and writing the story. It didn't help that the weather here has been glorious, so I have spent a great deal of time offline with my young son, and Katlien doesn't come online much in the evenings. Added to this, my darling child refuses to believe it's bedtime when it is light outside, thus robbing me of much-needed time at the end of the day. Finally though, I have a post!

~0~ Angel of Redemption ~0~

And an angel appeared in a shining light

Answering her prayers for deliverance, even in that place of sin

~0~ The Storyboard ~0~


~ The Kiss ~

She was just a young girl from the country, full of naive dreams;
She trusted and believed in their get-rich-quick schemes.
He said "Chocolates, or flowers next time? Tell me what to bring,"
She smiled coyly as she answered "I would like a diamond ring."
He laughed as he kissed her, but the kisses turned rough
He pushed her up against a wall, and she knew she'd had enough.
~ The Rape ~

"You've a cheek," he snarled, "to be asking me for more;"
He took her by the neck and forced her to the floor.
"I pay a pretty penny to your pimp within the house,
Now hold your tongue and serve me, you miserable mouse."
He cuffed her hands behind her and prepared to have his way
She endured in silent terror, but began hard to pray.
~ The Angel ~

Just at the turning point there flashed a brilliant light
A dazzling, azure radiance lit up the sordid night.
A figure there appeared, in robes of summer blue
With hair and skin of purest gold, and a halo too.
An angelic messenger with sky fledged wings wide spread
And at sight of her the malefactor turned in fright and fled.
~ The Redemption ~

The girl was just as frightened as her customer before
But the angel's smile was gentle as she raised her from the floor.
Amid her fragrant, flowing skirts she held the errant child
And promised to deliver her, in accents clear and mild.
She took her away from the city and its strife
Back to the country and its sweet and simple life.

Now the young lady never more will stray,
For an angel has delivered her, and shown her the way.

~0~ CREDITS ~0~

Location: *ADULT* Redlight Escorts, Sex World East (last image: my land)
Windlight: Doomed Spaceship, except for the first image (Bree's appleblossom) and last (default).

My outfit: (the Angel) 
Bare@Rose Blue Angel outfit from Christmas hunt 2009
~*By Snow*~ Sea Sprite Skin (Starfish)
Spartacus Design Hair - Blonde Long Messy flexi curls
Nyterave Ruins 'Perfect Peepers 87' prim eyes on Eyes of Ibad blue base by GC Continental
PurpleMoon metallic silver nails (2K members group gift)
Facelight 3000 by Detox Watanabe for the 'shining light' in the storyboard (full perms, ask me for a copy)

Katlien's outfit: (the Hooker)
bonne chance! BCC Bunny set (3K members group gift, still available in store)
and BCC Marine OP dress (last image)
"D!va" Hair - Diva2 (Cat's eye) - group gift, still available - colour change flowers
 ((Crystal Line)) Coco Shoes green (even though they look blue)
Open Collar 'Bound Nature'

Thanks to Dean Winchester, who posed for the storyboard and would like me to make it very clear that he would never treat a girl that way, even if she were a hooker. In his opinion, the angel let the scumbag off lightly.

It was quite amusing doing a photoshoot at this location, which is based on the famous red light district in Amsterdam and very well decorated. At the tp point there is a large crowd of ladies of questionable virtue, like the crowds you get around a lucky chair, but these are all waiting for potential customers. They mostly ignored me; could have been the outfit, could have been the fact I'm female. Could have been the fact I brought Katlien in on a leash ;) Judging by the men who turned up, I probably looked far too well dressed to be there on business. Some of the girls had names like 'Dr. McButthurt-Magnet' and 'Gloryhole Mansion' which tells you pretty much all you need to know. Most of them were good looking (a LOT better looking than their customers...) but there was one who looked like she'd deliberately styled her avatar to look like a blow-up sex doll. At least I hope it was deliberate; I am reliably informed that this is attractive to many men in SL. Perhaps it helps them to feel that the girl isn't really real. 

At one point during the photoshoot, which I carried out on a rooftop some distance from the crowd, I was IM'ed to ask if I'd like to buy naked photos. I politely declined, but some time later, the same girl asked again, this time claiming it was to help her buy a house; at the same time, another girl asked exactly the same question, right down to the punctuation errors. I asked the first one if they were alts or working off a script - she claimed they were just friends who wanted to share a house. Yeeeah right. I'm not sure which is sadder - two girls working off a set script, or one girl cut & pasting her request to the same person and thinking I wouldn't notice. I suppose it's a tactic which has worked in the past, which again, tells you ALL you need to know about the typical customer of this kind of place! Thinking about it, given the amount of consensual sex RP that goes on in SL, it would take a pretty desperate kind of guy to PAY for the privilege. (And no, I checked profiles, and despite their noobish appearance, the customers I saw weren't much younger than me.) And people have the cheek to accuse Furries of loose morals!


  1. I LOVE your post this week, such a good set of pictures and story... Poor Katlien, but YAY FOR THE FLEDGE ANGEL OF SALVATION!!! You both look really pretty, and that blue colour on your skin really pops out! Looks awesome. Funny that the prostitutes at the Amsterdam RLD in SL are allowed out into the sim, here they aren't allowed to leave their windows, they can have the doors open but aren't allowed onto the street to lure people in hehe!! I'm so gonna have to go check the SL one out!

  2. Great post again. Very good piece of storytelling, love the visuals and the essay. Love the wings in an ethereal blue (very apropo for the item), and you managed to use the cobalt very well, too as in my mind its a hard, dark colour and not given to a "light" theme.
    I do like the fact that the sl hooker world resembles many in rl and that the suppliers tend to look better than the dishevelled messes that use the...ahem...service. :)

    Also I remember you showed me the Mrs sex doll AV from that sim, and being not so impressed by it's plastic look. I'm saying now for the record as a man, not remotely attracted!

  3. Amazing story ~blushes~
    I like the redemption angel avatar colours, far from the usual angels =^.^=

  4. I saw the pics as you were making them but not the post or the 'epic'. Interesting - especially all the info about the red light district within SL! It seems almost unbelievable but maybe it's the 'taboo' nature of it that appeals? Anyway, the angel saved the innocent from the country, and the angel's robes and wings and colouring were very lovely!

  5. Aw fledge I had somehow missed this one! Thanks for your comment and your beautiful, if sometimes perturbing, stories - love how you write as well as the pics! And I'm so far behind commenting and I still have to do this week's color!