Wednesday, 10 April 2013

SL DisneyBound - Week 4: Snow White

No I am not taking up another challenge - but I saw this one on Rudh's blog and had to post, because I already have the photos! Why? Well, back when I did the Sn@tch horror event around Halloween (and thinking about that... I died, as does everyone, at the end of the story; and that was when I got sick IRL, dun dun DUUUUUN..!) one of the prizes was a Snow White costume. I couldn't think what link Snow White had with Halloween or a haunted asylum for sleep disorders and it seemed a very random prize, but I was so  hyped on putting together outfits to blog that I worked on this too. Then I put it away and forgot about it, because it didn't seem appropriate to blog at the time and really, when was I ever going to have the opportunity to blog about Snow White? Et voila, this challenge comes along! Knew I wasn't completely wasting my time *g*

I look a bit like the Wicked Stepmother in the second pic, holding an apple with that sly look in my eye... Suspect the apple poisoning wasn't all it appeared on the surface, maybe there is some kind of possession or spirit transference going on and the happy prince did not wake up Snow White at all, but has unwittingly married the witch!

This was my first attempt at putting a photographic background to an SL shot, since I took the pictures in Rudh's photostudio against a blank wall. I think I did pretty well :-) I did wonder about saving the post for some kind of Canadian celebration, because of the maple leaves, but I don't really know or take part in any. Not the most suitable background for spring, but I love the colours of beech woods in autumn - yes, the real leaves are beech, the pose prop is maple, you use what you've got ;) and Rudh left her pose prop out so I did.

Item Credits

Snow White dress, hairbow and apple ~ Fierce Designs

Slippers ~ Crazy Pastry Designs ~ Valentine's Ballet Flats

Hair (as black as ebony) ~ GurlyWood ~ 'Banana Clipped' from 2006! Store still going as GuRL 6 but SL isn't letting me pull up the lm from her profile (Kennedy Six)

Skin (as white as snow) ~ {Frick} ~ Snowflake Fairy in ghost

Lips (as red as blood) ~ Chaos, Panic, Disorder ~ lipstick tattoo from Lady Nosferatu skin

Eyes ~ Amacci ~ Winter Image

Necklace ~ Sentou Yousei ~ Forbidden Fruit

Bird ~ HPMD ~ Little Birds, sky blue (adorable singing, animated sculpts, mod/copy, available in all colours of the rainbow)

'Into the Wind' maple leaf pose set by *MP* - I pulled the name off item edit properties as Rudh wasn't around to ask, but it isn't very helpful. I think this demonstrates that stores could advertise better by putting their FULL name into item descriptions, since I often buy things I've seen around and about in-world. If you want it, ask me and I will ask Rudh to find out!


  1. This is definitely a perfect time to use a snow white look that you created all that time ago. I remember when you made it, I was and still am impressed by the fact you took something that wasn't the nicest costume and turned it into something cool looking like this... and I am impressed with your first photos created in photoshop! These are great!

  2. This is the first time I've looked at Blogger since my internet semi-hiatus, and there you are with a lovely set of pics! The woods look fantastic as a backdrop for this. Well done! And your suspicions of the mind transference remind me of the Neil Gaiman story from the stepmother's p.o.v.....