Friday, 3 January 2014

The Bakery Lane Posse

So... I've been playing with the pony creator some more. I made my own pony gang, based around tasty desserts, starting with the ponified version of Strawberry Shortcake. (Amazing how an idle moment can blossom into a full-grown project...) The group are a bit older than the Mane Six, more older teenagers/young adults - a bit like the Mystery Club in Scooby Doo, because they are amateur detectives off the clock. Points to anyone who spots the clue/pun in the name. Their official work is at the largest baked goods manufactory in Equestria, McVitie-Coltbury on Bakery Lane, Sugarville.

I also made this picture into an online jigsaw puzzle which anyone should be able to try (you don't need an account).

Members of the Bakery Lane Posse:-

Strawberry Shortcake - the leader and the inspiration for most of the group's activities, she is a sweet but quite serious and dedicated unicorn. You can see her in her customary posture, searching for clues in the grassland of Mulgore. (Probably they are on one of those annoying 'find X of this plant' quests.) Her bakery job is chief taste tester, a skill which prompts her to believe she is good at unravelling clues the way she can unravel flavours.

Lemonzest Cheesecake - a graceful, artistic soul, she is very demure and often seems wrapped up in herself, but she has a way of disarming ponies the group wishes to question and holds the role of Chief Interrogator and Suspect Handler. At the bakery, she designs the cake decorations, and devises new flavour combinations for Strawberry and Cointreau to try out.

Keylime Pie - Lemonzest's twin brother, laid back and outgoing where she is shy and retiring. He doesn't really have any good detective skills but is called on when the group needs physical back-up or heavy lifting. His job at the bakery is supervising the production lines, a demanding and time-sensitive task for which magical lifting comes in very handy.

Blueberry Muffin - a happy go lucky farm pony, with an emphasis on 'lucky' - although she often exasperates Strawberry with her messing around, her random inquisitiveness seems to turn up a lot of clues. She is the fruit sourcer for the bakery, going to all the farms in Equestria to choose the very best. She is a good friend of Applejack's, with whose farm the bakery has a standing account.

Cointreau Truffle - this plump little pony is actually the most intelligent member of the group and the one who solves the most puzzles, though she is happy to take a back-seat and follow the others' direction, being more of a follower than a leader. Her specialty at the bakery is recipe planning, making her in essence the head chef, though she is modest about her role.

Raspberry Pavlova - zebra pegasi are known for being rash, unpredictable and hot-headed, and Raspberry is all these things and sometimes a bit caustic and liable to tread on hooves. But she is brave and loyal and the go-to pony when daring-do is in the wind. A team of Raspberry backed up by Keylime is a force few can reckon with. Raspberry's role at the bakery is staff supervision, and Strawberry counts on her to keep the group together when morale or motivation lapse.

Banoffee Pie - this little guy lives for gadgets and is always inventing new tools, a bit like Q in the James Bond films. Banoffee's gizmos have a high tendency not to work, but the others humour him because he's fun to have around, and good at solving logic puzzles. Banoffee is the chief technical advisor at the bakery, where his inventions work a lot more often than the ones he creates for detective work!

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