Wednesday, 18 June 2014

For the HOARD! ~ One Tail to Rule Them All!

I've been in-world again more than a month already and I have been so busy I haven't got around to posting up my new purchases - but purchases there have been a-plenty, as I have a LL subscription and the pocket money stacked up during my absence! I had two choices; I could cash out the money and regain my entire sub for the year - or I could go on a major shopping spree.


Well really, what would you expect? ;) The very first thing I bought, I wanted the instant I met AutumnFox, the Foxkin Rentals estate manager, to sort out setting up my land. She had an awesome new tail; admittedly more furry than dragon, but a demi-fae (I'm half phouka) has many tricks up its *ahem*... trousers!

One Tail to Rule Them All!
The NV Fluffy Tail, by Nadi Vemo (the title joke is hers) is an animated, shape shifting, texturable mesh tail. It is hugely customisable, with a very user-friendly HUD and toggleable script settings for use in high lag areas. It can be cat-like, fox-like, bunny-like or - the style I immediately went for - raptor-like! Bearing in mind that raptors are now known to have been feathered, so their tails were (are) plumed. I am going to ask if she could make a no-fluff option in a future update, so you could have a naked tail with all the animation for the true scalies. I have tried to do the tail justice in my photographs, but really it has to be seen live for the incredible, smooth animation to be appreciated, and there is a video link on the marketplace which will show you this and run through the different tail shapes, if you are interested.

For now, here is a stop-motion array of stills, attempting to show the varied motion and fluidity of the tail. It is set against the beautiful yellow roses of my [Angelic Designs] Quiet Moments Garden Arbor, which actually features more flower types and colours than a garden catalogue so would suit all tastes. I am wearing the outfit I used for my Colour Challenge 50: Gold post, without the jewellery.

And finally, another set I just couldn't resist putting up, though please be warned, this image is rather large when you click on it (1600 x 565) as I have a wide-screen monitor.

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