Friday, 4 July 2014

For the HOARD! +Half Deer+

+Half Deer+ Two Peas in a Pod Boat & Baby Sea Monster
My tranquil lily lake with peapod boat seating prop - the cushions inside are the peas! - and lake monster from +Half Deer+, waterlilies by Grendel's Children and Forest Floor trees. I have found a new store, and it's all Rudh's fault! ;) But as I get to have both a castle -and- a lake, I am very happy.

So when I came back inworld, I had a little nosey around Rudh's place to see what they'd done with it. Which is how I found the new low-prim NR trees (the purple wisteria up by the castle gate and the trees in the next shot). And I also found the most ADORABLE little sheep, so I headed to the store, +Half Deer+, to get them. At first I thought they were from D-Lab (and I'm not the only one) because they have that same rounded, cartoony cuteness; so I think I can say with certainty that anyone who loves D-lab will also love +Half Deer+!

+Half Deer+ Kerfluffles Ganache & Mr. Bubbles! <3 i="">
Aren't they the cutest? Everybody who visits wants to eat the chocolate one D: He is no copy so they can keep their greedy paws off!

Now, the sheep - actually called Kerfluffles - are in a gatcha. And yes, if you know my feelings on the subject, your eyebrows may be rising at this point. BUT! +Half Deer+ does gatchas the right way. Firstly, everything in there is the same kind of thing - they are all sheep, not some random assorted mixture of animals, or (even worse) animals and lawn furniture - so that when you want a sheep you actually get a frog, or a deck chair, and give up in disgust. Secondly, because I'm not going to be wearing them, they don't have to match my outfits and colour schemes are irrelevant. And thirdly, there is no need to collect a set, you can have just a couple or an entire flock. These kinds of gatchas, I don't mind playing.

Which means I also nabbed a couple of sets of horns from another gatcha nearby. And was really lucky to win the rare set, though actually the Black Magic horns are more 'me'.

+Half Deer+ Aventine horns 'Black Magic'
With {Frick} 'Belle Epoque' dress in brass; Schadenfreude 'August' half n half hair (with Nikitafride Carnivale hairbase); TSM Star Eyes; ::69:: OpenStar earrings and FPI Shining Gold Star necklace. And my New Trails tree for background detail.

+Half Deer+ Aventine horns 'Sweet Lolita' (rare)
Kawaii star on left horn (inset)
With Hairoin 'Pheasant Flower' Spectral (part tinted), a CHH3 hair prize; Al Vulo 'Debbie' skin (promotional version 'Ohh Deer Chantilly'); FPI Shining Gold Star earrings; TL Concord eyes; White~Widow 'Travel' eye makeup and KOSH 'Sweet Lips' in wine cream. Yes, those are my ContraptioN teeth sticking out, quite demure without the alpha mask.

Never have I put so much effort into assembling the best outfits to show off a couple of pairs of horns - gatcha horns to boot! Never mind finding the right hair, but in the Black Magic ensemble, I realised that I didn't have any kind of necklace to match the ::69:: earrings - quelle horreur! I had to do a quick Marketplace run and found this pretty star set by FootPaw Industries (necklace in first shot, earrings with the Lolita horns) which complement the stars on the horns themselves. Now I really just need a moddable, tintable hairbase I can use for those hairstyles which come without one; though PurpleMoon triumphed over Truth and Amacci to come up with one that was actually white and not just pale blonde.

+Half Deer+ Savannah Necklace [Giraffe] in natural & ebony
With my Hunter Green outfit from the Colour Challenge. My final purchase from +Half Deer+, and I had my eye on the lion necklaces too as you can imagine, but I decided that was enough for one day and beat a hasty retreat.

Now do you see why stores are so dangerous for me? };=8)

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