Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My new demoness!

Rudh puts me to shame, and I really ought to use this blog more - I take HUNDREDS of pics in SL and they never again see the light of day. So instead of emailing everyone, I am making a BLOG POST (gasp!)

You know how I am always tweaking and improving my favourite avatars in SL - well Lola got herself a new blue succubus and I had just bought myself a new skin, so I felt inspired ;)

Wearing Dark Eden Lilith bodystraps in "bloodrage" but I only had the boots in black and this outfit is from waaaay back & the creator left DE; so I spent AGES last night modding them to dark red & gold. Fiddly little single texture face changes all over, plus invisiprims to get around. A good result, I think!

My new skin is from Nikita Fride. L$1200 but worth it. Material Squirrel wings that match the skin purrfectly. I probably need better hair. Wish the DMMDI forked tongues hadn't gone batshit crazy, I like the tongue but it looks like I have six so I stopped wearing it. Still using my original old XCite fangs that Xixao bought me! Sometimes now I use a fang tattoo but as we can only use one tattoo on Phoenix...


  1. first off... OH MY GOD you posted on your blog LOL... second off OOOOH that looks awesome sauce!! Love it, you know how much I love that skin!