Friday, 1 July 2011

Crazy Hair from PurpleMoon!

My first CRAZY HAIR POST! - One of my favourite SL dress stores PurpleMoon just had a hair sale. They only make a few styles, which are specially created for catwalk models who need to be low on lag but look distinctive. They are very low prim and non-flexi and look more like sculptures than hairstyles but I love them and so I couldn't resist snapping up four more styles to add to my collection! Here they all are, a few with some personal modifications - you know me, I can't resist tinkering!

I will just add that besides being low prim, the lack of flexi means that wearing these hairstyles keeps my ARC nicely down in the yellow (most are around 1300-1400 with the outfit shown); normal hair tends to push even the most unassuming outfit up into the red, and my current 'default' hair that you will have seen me wearing is quite low as hair goes, but still puts the ARC up to 1927. Incidentally, if you don't know about ARC and how important it is to reducing lag, then you should! You can ask me for an explanation ;)


The least unusual, and quite a classy ballroom style, Rie is only 20 prims. It has the slightest resemblance to carrying a Shoggoth on my head so maybe it should bear a warning - 'Don't tease the hair!' Maybe I'll mod some eyeballs into it at some point.


A very simple, 13 prim twist which I have modified by adding a flower I took off another style (not shown as I don't think it suits me). You can just see the flower over my ear to the side. It only adds another 14 prims and has the same hair texture, so is meant to look like the hair has been styled into a rose. The overall effect reminds me of Ascot (famous horse racing event in the UK where all the ladies compete to wear the most outlandish hats). I bought this style in the gem colour pack, emerald, fuschia and sapphire, because I thought the green version would look good with my Dryad avatar; tinkering with colour, I made the most serendipitous discovery and the above beautiful tawny, lion's mane shade is actually fuschia tinted with a sort of mustardy yellow. Who'd ever have thought it!


Era is the simplest of the styles at only 5 prims, and everyone who saw it said it looked like a flower vase, so I added some lilies (which I built myself). You will notice that it comes with a hair tattoo to cover the head as the prim part just perches on top like a hat. You can really imagine a fashion model wearing this, can't you? (Maybe without the lilies; but maybe not, you know what fashion shows are like!)


Ina comes in at a slightly higher 30 prims which is impressively low for such an ornate design. It reminds me of a spiral galaxy. I did consider getting this in the gem colours, too, but decided I could tint the gold which comes in this pack; I prefer black or gold/copper/fire colours for my hair.


I actually acquired this hair free with a matched outfit (but only in the black). I like how the fringe covers my eyes and you can only see the sparkle. It is a very eerie effect 'live'. I might experiment with glowing contacts. Uma is, despite appearances, only 16 prims but has a higher ARC than other styles (still only 1411 with this outfit). It would make good demon hair, I think.


Those who know me well, know my love of all things octopoid and tentacular, so the fact I bought this style long before the sale won't surprise you. I added the eyes on the back - couldn't resist! I may get around to adding a beak at some point too. The hair is only 19 prims (23 with eyes) and again with a colour coordinated tattoo base.


This was the first PurpleMoon hairstyle I purchased (again, pre-sale) as I could not resist the slightly Chinese, slightly chandelier-on-your-head look. At some point, I am sure I will mod a Christmas version of this hair, putting bauble textures onto all the balls. Am also thinking of giving it a lantern feel by colouring them red and enabling glow. It is primmier than the others, 254 prims which is higher than many standard styles; but the overall ARC of 2399 is very respectable when compared to one of my favourite flexi-styles from CalicoCreations (160 prims, ARC 4079) or the  Vixen 'Selenite' monstrosity which, at only 2 more prims, confers a whopping ARC of 6407 - I'm still not sure how the designer managed to get such a high ARC into a fairly mundane hairstyle. I don't wear that hair, by the way, I just keep it around for the OMGWTF value. It certainly puts PurpleMoon's 'One' into perspective!

So there you have it - my first, massive, CRAZY HAIR POST! 8D Look out for more in the future as I showcase some of the bizarre styles I collect (mostly from the Crazy Ass Hair Hunts) - but none will be as long as this one, which has taken me ages to put together, but at least I've showcased all my PM hair to date! Now I just hope it publishes, or I will cry...


  1. OMG these are awesome.

  2. Maybe I should add that the lilies really help make that one what it is :D

    I would totally wear that in SL.

  3. You look brilliant in these hair styles, sorry that it has taken me so long to comment but haven't really had much time to sit and look at ANYTHING lol... I cant wait to get back to blogging!! Have to say I'm still loving the vase hair hehe