Sunday, 12 February 2012

Colour Challenge Week 7 - Folly

I took one look at this eye-searing colour and thought FLAMINGOS!!! First I thought I would see if Grendel's Children had a flamingo avatar, but they didn't. Then I thought, what would be even better (because this is how my mind works) is a giant, carnivorous flamingo >:) What they do have in this concept is a feathered dinosaur, the Oviraptor, but they only sell it in a colour fatpack for L$300 - I left the whole thing til today and nearly cried when I found out, but I appealed to Flea and she let me buy just the white one, so I could re-tint it the exact shade. YAY and thank you so much Flea <3 I know I said I wasn't going to go shopping for this challenge but it's sort of almost not cheating because I had a couple of coloured oviraptors already (Christmas gifts) only they were textured so couldn't be re-tinted, and I knew exactly what I needed for the correct shade.

As for the photo-shoot, there was only place that could possibly happen, which is the flamingo swamp just down the hill from the Schadenfreude elephant at Lloyd. Once again, minimal draw distance was my friend, combined with the Fairy Warm Pinks (Paulina) setting on windlight to make a rosy primeval setting. (Sort of.)

For those who don't know, birds evolved from dinosaurs. (Much smaller ones than this, it has to be said, and birds have never co-existed with dinos, but there is this thing called artistic licence.) So here it is, my ancestral flamingo:-

The Ur Flamingo


Mimic (Wolf in Flamingo Clothing?)


There isn't really much more to say. That was the easiest challenge so far, but mainly because I have NOTHING else appropriate in my inventory, and the colour just screamed what to do. I am very grateful to Flea Bussy (Grendel's) and Allegory Malaprop (Schadenfreude) as well as whoever Paulina is (for the windlight setting) for making this post possible. And hey, it's not especially easy to re-tint an entire avatar, you just try it some time ;)


  1. WOW BEST WEEK SO FAR, THESE ARE FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! I love them, love, love, love them what a pretty birdy!!!!

  2. That avatar is awesome! You made the carnivorous flamingo totally believable :)

  3. hahaa realy super what you made..bye bye Nic

  4. Those are great shots! Very creative and awesome.

  5. Wow!! Almost expect it to appear in something like The Ancestor's Tale! ;)