Monday, 27 February 2012

Colour Challenge Week 9 - Dandelion

I really must stop assuming I have stuff for these challenges and leaving it to the last minute and then panicking because actually, yellow is NOT gold and therefore I don't have a lot of it after all, and the outfit I did have an idea for is totally unsuitable. But I did manage to put together a look I'm very happy with (i.e. would wear again, on top of making good photos). I love it when everything comes together for a challenge like this =)

Dandelion Days

Charming, isn't she =^.^= She just exudes sunshine and wholesomeness and I can't stop looking at her, she is so peaceful - suits me very well and yet (as you can probably tell from the previous eight posts) is actually nothing like me in almost every way! I think the stockings and ears/tail are the truest colour match but the dress is pretty close and was begging to be used.

Incidentally I had another battle with invisiprims/alpha meshes while making this one, but I'll post that gripe after the credits. I've changed my monitor resolution too - we swapped the VGA cable for a DVI cable and this allowed the computer to work out the best settings for the monitor, which I think makes a positive difference to my photo quality and incidentally corrects some annoying menu glitches I was getting in the Firestorm UI. Oddly though, I seem to be getting different sizes of shot in full-screen view. Meh, I'll work that out later.

Credits (oh joy... Blogger has decided to set everything to centre-alignment even though it SAYS it's not, and I'm not trawling through the code to correct it all so I'm sorry but you'll just have to cope.)

Dimbula Rose STAR*CAT skin (shooting star hunt prize)
Fireshadow's Emerald Green Eyes Slitted
Free from MB-CreationZ - Eye Sparkles
0 Style "You" Glazed Sand hair
Chimera Neko ears & tail - Yellow Tabby (free avie parts)
Sensations Nails (see item shoutout, below)

SF Design Daffy Down Dilly dress & bonnet
Battered Boudoir Yellow Savina stockings
J's Real Toe Tassele Wedge Sandals BEIGE (not my spelling mistake!) - these are lovely but I have to say, the prim toe-colour customisation HUD is the least user-friendly model I have ever encountered...
Shoe correction thanks to Avatar Alpha Masks CC by imnotgoing.sideways (free on marketplace or full perms, ask me for a set) - more about this in a minute...

Brat Designs Sunflower choker & bracelet
Baby Butterfly10 by Candie Apple (full perms, ask me)
Grendel's Children Dandelion 'wewie' doll (old RP creation, not on sale)

[AD] Angelic Designs RoseGarden Couples Bench (from a scenery set, modified)
Concrete Flowers Dandelion Love Vase 
Forest Floor *Fruit Collection* Apple tree
Field of Dreams meadow emitter v1.1 (old full perms freebie, ask; has 9 particle textures)

Item Shoutout

Sensations Nails - priced somewhere around L$350 I think, and worth every cent; I wear them with just about everything. They are customisable via a very easy to use HUD and you can choose between short claws (as pictured here), long talons, or round or square ended human nails. There is a ton of different nail polish options, OR you can import your own textures (!) - there are optional rings and leash holders (for your RP pet) - AND every finger is individually adjustable. They come in a variety of hand sizes but only in increments of 10 so you might be stuck if you have a really odd shape but they should be fine for most folks (or mod shapes). One word of warning - they are from a BDSM store, so the PG shopper may want to be careful.

AND I have just noticed that my nails were off-kilter in the first shot, so I had to do it again (this happens sometimes, they just need to be taken off and worn again) and I don't even see them in the third shot but oh well, enough messing about. You get the idea.

Shoe Correction - A gripe about invisiprims

Have you noticed yet that LL broke invisiprims? If you always buy the latest shoes, you won't care; but for collectors like me, it makes me really mad that most of my shoes are now broken :( People say 'oh just wear an alpha mask'. LIKE IT'S THAT EASY. New shoes are created with a custom mask that fits that particular shoe; now you try and find anything to fit your old shoes, particularly open styles with lots of places where the system foot shows through and just hiding the foot creates an odd gap. (And I'm not talking THAT old. Sculpts with prim feet, not the really old standard prim shoes which are hopelessly outdated.) 

I am very grateful to Immy for sharing a large bunch of different foot masks, which helps to get at least a ballpark fit; yet I suspect that there is no way to get the perfect match for some shoes, which were designed around the premise of working invisiprims. It's probably just not possible to specify the mask parameters that closely. I am trying to learn how to make the things myself, as it's a problem I'm constantly running into, and not just with shoes; you know that annoying drawback to prim jackets, where your butt sticks out? Immy has some more masks to help there, but alas, I found out that there are no masks to hide the skirt layer. And there was last week's flexi skirt issue, of course. 

I like trying to learn new things, but I do wish LL would realise how far-reaching some of their code changes are in consequence. It's not so bad for the full avatars (like my Ur-flamingo or dragons) because you can just wear a full-body alpha, but when you have parts modded to a human body, such as with furries or various fantasy races, it soon becomes a problem.

Hey, what - did you really think this was going to be a short post? I'm done now =^.~=


  1. *mews at the cute dandelion kitty*

    Seriously, you look sooo adorable! Un-Fledge-like maybe, but still cute ;)

    And LL broke something? Can't say I'm surprised...

    1. Mew Mew! And ty! LL are about to break everything, by the look of it...

  2. LOL @ Sama's comments, unfledgelike LOL... Sorry its funny because there is no real Fledge style ever!!! She is the most changelingish person I can think of and it is rare to see her looking the same as anything for a long time... Love the prettiness of this look though, it is more pretty than I have seen you look in a while, this is a different kind of gorgeous to normal, kinda cuter than gorgeous LOL!!! Better not be trying to steal my cute princess role within the family LOL!! Love the look and yea shoe collectors need to unite to get this problem sorted!

    1. Prettier/cuter than normal was kind of what I was getting at, think Sama was just quoting back at me *g* But you are right, there is no one single Fledge style! Expect the unexpected! And no I am not after your tiara, don't worry - although I think yours needs polishing ;) The last I heard, princesses don't wear hanky skirts *giggles and runs away*