Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Colour Challenge 26 - Rust

Halfway there!

Wheee a fire colour at last! A fitting personal tribute for this milestone. I'm really proud of myself for getting this far on so many colours that I'm astonished I even own! I have a few orange things, but once I tried on these wings I knew I had to make a fairy and I knew just where to take my photos. This post is for my mum, who goes by the netname of Moth2fic and who loves fairies and butterflies, and has been so encouraging and appreciative of my posts even though she doesn't play Second Life. Sorry no story but the pictures tell their own story really. I will tender the first image to Siyu Suen of Illusion's exclusive Flickr group, Virtual Wings, and hope it gets in. She already accepted one of my Electric Indigo photos ^.^

I would also like to extend a rather short notice invitation to everyone who follows my blog, to join me on Saturday 30 June at midday SL time for a party at my new castle :) There will be a rollerdisco with glitterball effects, a banquet, and hopefully a fun hunt! IM me inworld (Fledhyris Proudhon) or drop a comment here and I'll send you the lm :)

8;8  The Fire Moth Fairy  8;8

Flutterby Greetings

Tending the Hatching Grounds
A Hatchling Emerges

Joining the Swarm

The Moth Queen

8;8  Credits  8;8

The colours matched when I was doing my wardrobe, I swear; I think it's this light setting, which pours a spotlight onto you from the front, making everything look brighter. But I had to stick with that gorgeous orange sky! Also there are plenty of deeper shades in the wings, hair and skin. I used the Spirit location before, for St Patrick's Day Blue - it's a fantastic sim, basically a mesh art installation, and there is so much to see there, so many different themes. I even found a rather macabre den of dragons eating people in very Bosch-like tones. The sensitive of soul take note if you're inspired to go wandering around there - stay out of caves! Incidentally there is a free mesh avatar available in the style of many of the sculptures around the sim, a sort of plant/dragonfly spirit.

Location: Spirit by claudia222 Jewel
Windlight: Sailor's Delight
Pose by Zzang ~ FlutterFairy 002 Anim ~ from Midnight Summer Dream event

Sin Skins Etheria ~ Umber
Rue Paint'd/Moth Tattoo ~ Phoenix/fresh
House of Ruin (now Rue) Gemstone Eyes ~ Quartz Orange/Jewel
PurpleMoon Fire Hair from Phoenix in Gold outfit
Antennae by me
Orange butterfly wings (scripted flap) by Caladreis Cannoli
Vlintuition Lian Bikini ~ Fire Poem
!BF! (Boing Fromage) Urban Bohemian Ankle Wrap Flats ~ Rust
Shiny Things Leaf Jewellery Set ~ Autumn


  1. And here I was thinking that moths and fire didn't go together very well ;) Lovely pictures!

    I'm afraid I'll have to pass on your party, because I fear I won't be anywhere near my computer :(

  2. OOOH so pretty I have to say that I love the photo of you joining the swarm... Being surrounded by Moths or butterflies would be amazing! I love this look it is definitely something straight outta the imaginings of Fledge, you look better as a fae than I ever did hehe! Hello to your mum btw, and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE PARTY ON SATURDAY!!! I have barely been online recently, you might have noticed but yea I will definitely be there for that! *hugs* Love you sissypops! x

  3. That's lovely! And specially for me!!! I'm glad I managed to see it - we've been having internet problems here again...

    I'm not sure which pic I like best but I think maybe the first one - the Flutter by.

    Have a lovely party and take pics to show me when I'm home.