Thursday, 5 July 2012

Colour Challenge 27 - Cadmium Red

Bonsoir! I am Magdalene, a circus performer with Le Carnaval Maudit - which in your language means, the Carnival of the Damned. Here for your especial entertainment are some pictures of me in my acrobatics act with Claude, our elephant. The crowd are sitting far enough away, and they have other things to focus their attention, so they do not notice the fangs ;) You will be thinking, she is not very pale for a vampire! That, my friends, is the wonder of performance art makeup - it is not only the greasepaint for clowns ;) Now sit back and enjoy the preview of -

~O~ Vampire Burlesque Theatre! ~O~

à califourchon

en pointe

ascenseur trompe

sur les défenses


c'est moi!
~O~ Les crédits ~O~

Location: Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus
~ live shows Fridays @7:30pm SLT (possibly including the elephant, I don't know)

Windlight: Sim custom settings + own light beam
(default midday for closeup)

Poses courtesy of Claude.

Lemania Indigo Josephine Baker dress
Rotten Toe Sideshow dollie knickers & vest
Pink Lollipop Mini Valentine Top Hat with feathers
Duh! Summer Clogs - Red (gift from Rudh x)

Schadenfreude ~Taxidermia~ A Doomed Flock jewellery
Opium 'La Burlesque' Feather & Sequin choker (now Alaskametro)

PoP ArT 'Maude' pale gold mask skin
Bonne Chance Valentine BIG Eye <3
La Boheme Ophelia hair from CAHH2 (tinted)
Pulse VF #2-Fangs from library vampire avatar Xyla
Schadenfreude makeup fangs (hidden) with red nails

[Looking at this much red on the screen all at once, I'm struck that it looks less like blood and more like ketchup... I bet the clowns have an interesting act. And don't ask me how I came up with this theme, but I found the outfit before I found the elephant!]


  1. LOL I love it!!! Such a gorgeous look and overall idea, seems to be one of those things that just fell into place. When you said you were posing on an elephant I had no idea it would be like this... Looks awesome! So pretty! So very Fledge hehe

  2. Ah, there is the illustrious elephant! You look great together :) Awesome pictures!

  3. I love the elephant!! What an intriguing and attractive setting! An unusual use of colour and a real treat.