Monday, 11 August 2014

For the HOARD! ~ Dancing with the Stars!

Or in Stars! jewellery 'Bouquet Blooms' to be precise, which was the fabulous prize for the Tiptoe Through the Tulips hunt this May. I wasn't doing the hunt, but Stars! is one of my favourite jewellery stores so of course I got the notice for this one. The set comes with a necklace and 6 pairs of earrings, with different stones to match the different colours in the necklace, so I put on one sapphire and one topaz (blue for the dress, yellow for me ;)

Stars! Bouquet Blooms jewellery
After struggling with the Tiffany outfit, I didn't feel like taking too much extra effort to showcase what could easily just be a close-up shot of the jewels, but they were too colourful for the black and white. I decided to throw on a dress at random and see how it looked, and found this 'Bluebird gown', a Boudoir group gift. Then I had a look through my Crazy Ass Hair Hunt files for something colourful and flowery, and instead found this 'Anemone' hair by Nevermind which matched the dress perfectly, and suddenly, with hardly any effort at all, I had a stunning outfit to really show off my jewels. I love when a post comes together like this, and I took the time to take a few photos and even put together a dance collage.

Perched prettily on my We're CLOSED log swing

ZOZ Slink nail polish applier 'floral solids' in 12 colours
(the dress comes with black gloves)

My favourite dance, weloveyou-girl from Sinewave
* Click to enlarge! *

Additionally, while I'm doing a Stars! post, here is the 'Iridescence' set in thunder - a gorgeous rainbow opal texture - which I purchased while I was tracking down the hunt prize. I should really have included this with the Tiffany post but I was having a trying day (the cat was sick all over child's bedroom floor and a plush toy, just as child didn't get himself to the toilet in time; it was one of those moments when you wonder just why you have either of them!) so I was rushing to post before I could settle down for what was left of the evening.

Stars! Iridescence (thunder) with Brii Tiffany outfit

This is going to make much more sense on Flickr, because I will post it first!

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