Tuesday, 12 August 2014

For the HOARD! ~ Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home...

Another of my 'Wheee suddenly I have money, I can buy things I've wanted for ages!' return to SL purchases is this matched pair of necklaces by Maxi Gossamer, only available on the marketplace. The Sybil's Ladybug Amulet comes in gold and silver with a range of scripted jewel variants, two pendant styles, and matching earrings. I saw somebody wearing it more than a year ago and although I keep a very long wish list, this was one of the few things that stood out in my memory without needing to consult it. I bought it quite early on, and took the photos back when I was modelling my Illusions antlers, but went on to post other things.

Forest spirit musing

I love the play of shadows in SL but my computer really struggles to handle them so after this set of pictures I turned them off - or my PSU would probably have blown sooner! Still I love how this photo has turned out, you can't see the jewellery very well but it's a gorgeous, introspective pose and mysterious lighting that seems to weave a story around this woodland avatar. I have a fantastic book 'Yarrow' by Charles de Lint and this avatar reminds me somewhat of the mystical semi-deity in that story.

Roses and ladybugs

A clearer shot of the necklaces (without shadows) which I complemented with a different pair of earrings so that I could show these too; they are 'yellow rose earrings' by Sebastian Dionysus, who is the partner of Stars! Stargem Winkler, and has a store next door, so naturally I browsed a little; at first wondering why two competing jewellery stores were so closely situated!

Maxi Gossamer 'Sybil's Ladybug Amulet' long & short chains

Sebastian Dionysus 'yellow rose earrings'

The avatar in these shots is my Hunter Green outfit from the 2012 colour challenge, wearing Illusions 'Dreamcatcher: Rusa' antlers and Effie hair.

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