Thursday, 7 July 2011

In the Pink!

Highly unusual for me to be wearing PINK, let alone a sculpted skirt which doesn't flow nicely when you move, but this outfit was made for !!!FREE!!! for the PurpleMoon anniversary and it really suits my gold skin. The jewellery alone is gorgeous and could be worn with other outfits.

It's a 16 piece hunt and you have to join the group (which costs L$50; I'm already a member) but the hunt is not too evil - I drafted in Suzari to help because Jamie wanted me to help him with play-doh, but in the end I managed to find most of the pieces myself :)

Fledge in Bloom

Jewellery & Hair Detail


The full outfit consists of dress, shoes, jewellery (earrings + necklace), hair and prim nails. These are set to hand size 10, which is TEENY, but they are mod if you can be bothered and can't change your shape. I also had to resize the hair 10% which is typical for my big-brained bonce ;)

In case anyone is wondering, the odd grid lines in the background are my eco-dome which is my current skybox theme. It is full of beautiful, LOW PRIM trees! :D


  1. WOW such a pretty colour on the gold skin... Never would have thought I would see either of us in pink, maybe it is ANOTHER sign of the apocalypse or something??

  2. I think it's your colour challenge rubbing off on me ;) Next one she does, I plan on being subversive muahahaha!