Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Morning in the [Real] Life of a Mother Dragon

Get up, put laundry load on to wash. Empty potty twice (yay!) Take child to nursery. 

Go shopping for new stickers and reward charts for toilet training. Buy much-needed new pair of sandals (old ones having hole in and being around 3x age of child). Nip home for quick breakfast and to harvest crops in Farmville. 

Collect child from nursery, who has earned third sticker of day (yay!) Take child to nearby park as it is sunny. Push child on swings. A lot. Child wets self while climbing rope net (whoops!) so take child home, fortunately having a spare change in bag from some previous occasion. 

Rinse through wet clothes & hang laundry. Come in to find child, for reasons known only to himself and the lords of Chaos, has unscrewed the salt cellar and poured salt EVERYWHERE. All over the table, himself, his high chair, the floor. Child is now sucking on empty salt cellar and saying "I like salt!" Send child outside while clean up. Reflect that in mediaeval times, this much salt would have ransomed a minor noble.

Make tomato soup with bread rolls for lunch. Child spills soup on shorts. Wash shorts with Vanish to prevent staining. 

Make coffee and (finally!) come to sit at computer. Child demands Zombies so put Plants vs Zombies on Daddy's computer. This will ensure pleasant, interruption free break until nap time at 2pm. Will have to fight hard not to nap with child as already exhausted, but napping is not conducive to early night's rest. Suspect will lose this battle. Coffee doesn't help. Feel like zombie myself. Blurgh, brains....

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  1. Salting the house?? Is there something Jamie knows about that we don't?? That's what you get for letting him witness the Dean and Sam Saga hehe a child with a love of salt!!! But DAMN... Work seems like a holiday compared to this, I'd be asleep at nap time too! and YAY THREE STICKERS!!