Sunday, 4 March 2012

Colour Challenge Week 10 - Avocado


HEALTH WARNING: If your avocado is this colour, do not eat it. It is over-ripe and well on the way to being rotten.

I don't know who labels these colours, I know it's not Luna's fault... Anyway, this week's shade puts me more in mind of military uniforms than tasty fruit, and after seeing Rudh's post I think I may have been unduly influenced... I had a great time with this one, but yet again I'm afraid it's not so much a fashion post as Fun With Avatars. 

In keeping with the disgusting way LindenLabs have decided to treat Third Party Viewer developers lately (read about it on the Phoenix/Firestorm blog if you don't know what I'm talking about) I dedicate this post to all the fantastic coders who work for free to bring us new features and better clients than LL provide. Now, to put matters in a nutshell, LL want them to work for them for free, which is an altogether different and disgraceful matter, and entirely contrary to the principle of Open Source Code. So my challenge response this week is an attack on the cowardly (and lazy, greedy and unprincipled) bullies at LL, as represented by the tank (appropriately enough from the library) by the heroic avatars of Second Life, as represented by myself. We may be mere insects to the powers of LL but this insect is fighting back!!!

¡Viva la RevoluciĆ³n

Butterfly Bomber: Mission is Go!

Target Acquired: Bombs Away!

Bombing Run


Direct Hit!

Butterfly: 1, Tank: 0


Butterfly by (you guessed it) Grendel's Children - modified by me with the colour and addition of wingspots. Connoisseurs of British history will recognise the distinctive target patterns (roundels) painted on the wings of RAF fighter planes in WWI and WWII.

Helmet and backpack ~ Cubey Terra skydiving gear Aviator Helmet and Sport Chute.

Tank ~ Vehitar Clark from inventory Library (no avatars were harmed during the making of this post; I put the tank together on the ground).

Bomb by me; it doesn't actually do anything but you can have one if you want it;
Explosions by Pamagester Darracq (a friend and wizard builder/scripter), assisted by Karras Cthulhu who set off the explosives while I fiddled with the camera (note to self: do something interesting in a sandbox like exploding tanks, you will be sure to attract attention!)

Location ~ Curious sandbox (building rights only for group members) because sand dunes put me in mind of a desert which makes a suitable war zone, and it had to be somewhere I could rez stuff. Default windlight settings.


  1. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?! Sorry but that has to be the coolest butterfly that I have ever seen... Then to top it off its a bomberfly... just pure awesome right there! PURE GENIUS!

  2. LL are really on a roll aren't they? :(

    Being blown up by a butterfly serves them right! YAY for bomberfly!

  3. just can say this Fledge!!!