Monday, 19 March 2012

Colour Challenge Week 12 - St Patrick's Blue

You know, I never would have said that blue was one of my strong colours, but now I've pulled off three different shades - clearly, I collect more than I recollect! I really like this shade so it's not too surprising I had a few items. I got the skin when it was on sale, and I just adore the whole range so I got a bit grabby. The hair was one of an elemental pack, and I love anything with an elemental theme; and the dress was just so beautiful I couldn't resist, even though at the time I thought I'd never get a chance to wear it. I think it looks suitable for a mediaeval Irish Fae at court, don't you? The feet are a recent purchase (they come in various shades of grey, for tinting) and so are the horns. In a way, it's a bit of a mish-mash of an avatar, and I'm not quite sure what she is - I wasn't sure whether to go with sea or sky and my final location choice seems just as undecided, what with floating sky jellyfish! She is, however, indubitably blue. I don't have as much time to create these posts as I did at the start; my little boy is going through a difficult phase and needs my attention; so this was quite a rushed colour and in the end I went with the hair although I'd been playing with making some head-fins. A project I'll come back to some time, maybe. I didn't want her to look too much like last week's mermaid, despite a (semi) watery theme.

And for anyone still wondering why it's St Patrick's Blue and not green, although green is now the traditional colour of Ireland, St Patrick himself was always associated with blue and you will see it a lot in Irish heraldry. There was never any one specific shade, though it was said to be 'sky blue' so I'd have said this was a little dark, but *shrugs* :)


Sky Dancer

And Pose!

Jelly's gonna get ya...

Behold The Sky Jellyfish

I made a friend! His name is Squidward.

Location: Spirit by claudia222 Jewell (thanks to other Challenge posters for finding this sim!)
Windlight: [EUPHORIA] smoky blue sky, Water: Glassy

Free poses "badgirl" #27 and #29 by Michael Firefly

Sin Skins Etheria ~ Crinaeae
Sweet Antidote 'deep blue sea' scale makeup
TSM Elemental Mane of Water (with pearl laurel)
TSM Swansong S.E. Gift - Elemental Water Eyes
Schadenfreude Mer-elf ears
Sensations nails (talon style)
Pixel Puss clawed feet
Rue Horn'd/Diver: BlueSage (Nymph pack)

Outfit & Accessories:
Last Call Nadirra gown
Elros Tuominen's Star Necklace Blue
Eolande's Larimar earrings
Lassitude & Ennui Solar & Lunar bracelets 


  1. wow that is a super sim!!!!love your second picture bye bye Nic

  2. Those are very cool photos and the last one is killer! Great job.

  3. Such a gorgeous set of pics and once again a fab look... I love the way you are digging things outta your hoard hehe... This one is a strange colour to see on you but you pull it off really well and it looks gorgeous!!!

  4. It's a lovely colour! I was surprised to hear it even existed by that name! Whatever she is, she's pretty and so is the sky jellyfish.