Saturday, 24 March 2012

Colour Challenge Week 13 - Tea Green


I had a rebellious moment when creating this week's post. I have one - ONE! - article of clothing which exactly fits the colour, but it is a horrible, ancient, freebie blouse and I revolted at the thought of wearing it or even attempting to create a decent outfit around it. It shall go in the bin forthwith! Oddly enough, I seem to have all sorts of pretty green clothes, and even found several outfits that would have done for avocado - not that I regret my Bomberfly, but what was I doing when I researched my wardrobe that week?! I swear my inventory hides things. But nary a (decent) tea green article did I have, though the challenge has given me a desire to find a pale green kimono. [I just checked the marketplace and found some absolutely gorgeous ones at Falln and Milky but... they cost more than my premium wage.] So I'm afraid I had rather to cheat and tint a couple of things, though at least I am (barely) wearing clothes this time ;)

Having decided to go with a tintable swimsuit, and wanting a bit more to stretch out the colour, I thought I would work with the head fins which didn't quite make it into last week's post, and a skin I'd considered and rejected for avocado but would make a good contrast here and also suit the fins. I had to use the scary shark grin with this skin, and then I also had to pop on the Gator boots I got at the Happy When It Rains event last autumn, which tone beautifully with the skin. At this point the developing theme was too obvious to ignore and a whip completed the setup! For once I'm not wearing prim ears, just the smallest ears the system shape will allow, because lizards don't have external ear structures and the fins would get in the way.* I didn't want to cover them entirely as I have a sort of science OCD and the eardrums would naturally be placed before the fins. You can't really hide ears with an alpha mask unless you also have hair, because it leaves gaping holes through the middle of your head, but at some point I'm going to make a dumbbell prim to sit inside my head and take care of that issue. I also have a tail but it refused to get into shot.

*No they don't have breasts either but anyone can get subcutaneous silicon implants and the mammalian species find it hard to relate to a Mistress without these peculiar front lumps.

~ Tea Green ~

Mistress Fledhyris Relaxes After a Long Day

Sips her bowl of green tea...

Aaaah, refreshing!
I could have written a story about just WHAT I was doing all day that led to my need for a relaxing bowl of tea, but... I intend to keep this blog PG };=8~~<


Props: Rustica ~ The Crooked Cottage, belonging to my dear friend Remus Lykin (I snuck in and photostudioed your house all up while you were out :)
Something Wicked ~ Throne of Jahannam
Green Tea by Karamel Madison (copy/trans)
Unique Needs! *Twisted* Bone whip

Avatar: *SFS* Reptilian green-light skin (Starfuker skin line now owned by Rue)
[ContraptioN] Shark Grin
DMMDI Forked Tentacle Tongue
Head fins modded from Grendel's Children Elder Uthgolian Dragon (canyon-white) - you just know Grendel's are going to crop up when I need mod parts! 

Green cat eyes by QuietlyCharmes Vega (formerly at Temenos Island)
Sensations Nails (talons)

Outfit: Chaospire "Naiad" swimsuit - sheer tintable, gift from my dear friend Kage Marx (ty honey, I hope you like what I've done with it!)
MIASNOW - Gator Rainboots (tan)
AHC Teeth Smoke necklace


  1. An interesting take on the colour.

  2. Much better than the idea of that freebie shirt you were telling me about this swimsuit is gorgeous, it matches with your exotic Fledge style and when I saw that chair in world I instantly thought of you LOL!! I love the fact that top is kinda sheer, it gives you a seductive edge, even though are just chilling out with a cuppa, but the way that your evil teeth look in that last photo I couldn't help but laugh it's kinda like a cheesy grimace lol Classic!!