Monday, 10 December 2012

Colour Challenge 50 - Gold

From least to most fitting, this week is gold, gold, GOLD - *my* colour! At last a chance to truly be myself and shine in a way my friends would recognise. The avatar, therefore, was not too difficult to assemble but I had a bit of trouble finding a good photo-location. I wanted somewhere palatial, Byzantine rather than Gothic, but the places I tried had too much gold in the background and it would have been another 'Where's Fledge?' post with you squinting to find the outlines! Finally it occurred to me to try Svarga, because that has long been one of my favourite places in SL, and as well as being beautiful it seemed fitting to showcase myself there - the true Fledge, in one of my dearest haunts. 

Because the colour is gold, there was also no way I could pass up the opportunity to reveal my draconic Trueform for this post, an avatar I modified to be unique and to suit the way I see my draconic form. I would like to note that if  you make the week's colour shiny (on a coloured prim), because gold is of course metallic, it also matches my humanoid outfit perfectly; without shiny, it is a little mustardy. Gold is a very tricky colour to pin down in textures and I have been chasing it throughout my 6+ years of SL. 

You may be wondering why, if the avatar is totally 'me', it's brand new for this post; the answer being that it's a new skin, a very generous gift from a friend. Previously I  have tended to wear my adapted dragon horns as seen in Lemon Chiffon, with other skins of varying yellow to golden shades. These horns were a better colour match, and now I've made this, it's my new favourite.

~O~ Gold Dragon Queen ~O~

Dancing in the Palace Courtyard

Seeding Flower

Waterside #1 - Trumpet Flowers

Waterside #2 - Waterfall

Waterside #3 - Pool

Dragon, aloft!

Dragon, at rest.

~O~ Credits ~O~

Location: Svarga, using windlight setting Nam's Optimal Skin 2 (lovely deep sky)

This fantastic sim no longer has a working ecosystem (I believe it requires rather extensive maintenance) but still features all the functioning elements except plant growth - rainfall from clouds (you can see one overhead in the first image), seeding plants and pollinating insects (day and night species). Birds and bats flit about, which used to control the insect population. Originally, plants would seed after pollination, and seeds required rain to grow. You could watch in real time as flowers bloomed and grew larger on empty patches of earth. It was a fantastic system but although the AI part is no longer active, the sim is essentially unchanged and there is plenty to see. You may still be able to buy a functioning eco-pack for your own sim if so inclined.

Skin ~ Plastik ~ Aquamer ~ Andri (with matching ears)
Horns ~ Rue ~ Horn'd/Scholar: Everwilde: Zexmenia (with added shiny)
Hair ~ Magika ~ Sofia (mesh, tinted)
Eyes ~ *aN* ~ Pop Star Cat Eyes Sunny Yellow
Gauze ~ Alagos Eyebrow Tattoo
Wings ~ Gnash Graves ~ Supreme Demon wings (full perms, unscripted)
own shape and tail

Gown ~ PurpleMoon ~ Elwing in gold (group gift)
with gloves from PM Pheasant gown in gold
Shoes ~ Fierce ~ Serpentine in gold
Lassitude & Ennui ~ solar and lunar bracelets
Finesmith ~ Kirin's Poem jewellery in gold (crown, necklace, ring)

Dragon Avatar:
Customised blend of Isle of Wyrms Shadow and Spirit wyrmlings

Juicy ~ angel1 (Dancing in the Palace Courtyard)
fairy-dance *free* pose (Seeding Flower)
badgirl22 *free* pose (Waterside 1-3)


  1. WOW, this week was definitely made for you! I knew you would pull something gorgeous out of your wardrobe but these pictures are beyond gorgeous! I love the exotic beauty that you radiate in your photos, a look I could never achieve and would never try but WOW!!!

  2. good idea Varga..long time i haven't been there. You look fabulous ))))love the waterside#1 and#2 the most. You sitting so beautiful

  3. A lovely week! The dress is beautiful and so is the dragon!! I liked the waterside poses best but the whole location was attractive and interesting. I'm glad you finaly got 'your' colour to work with!

  4. It's great to see Fledhyris proper make a return, I haven't seen her in game for a long while and it was good to see her here.
    The gorgeous, glamarous outfit for humanoid form Fledge really fits with the sparse scales and of course you have got the colour spot on, regardless of how difficult you say it is. The setting works well too! Others have mentioned exoticness and I'd second that one too.

  5. WOW you look amazing! I can easily believe this is your "true" form. These might just be my favorite pictures you've done for the challenge :)