Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Colour Challenge 51 - Madder Lake Deep

~ In the bleak mid winter, frosty wind made moan
Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone.
Snow had fallen snow on snow, snow on snow
In the bleak mid winter, long ago. ~

I mentioned I'd be looking for a chance to showcase my Dryad in her winter form - and here she is! I was lucky to pick up the dress from the first round of the Womenstuff Hunt, and it's actually a perfect colour match; the lighting in these shots makes it appear darker. The detail on the dress is a tracery of twigs, which might be what inspired me. This avatar was a work in progress until now, so the challenge finally pushed me to work on the branches, which I have modified substantially from the original version. The skin is perfect for the occasion. It is called 'Winter Stole the Dryad's Heart' and was made (as part of a set) for a special event some years back, so I'm afraid it's probably no longer available. 

For people in modern times, winter often seems magical, with the wonderland of snow and the allure of Christmas or other midwinter holidays. But it is also a very cruel season, particularly to nature. It is beautiful, but deadly. I've been suffering with bronchitis since the beginning of November, now on my second course of antibiotics, and am in constant pain from having strained my chest muscles through coughing. I haven't been able to tidy or decorate my house and the floors haven't been cleaned in over a month. Christmas cards are not yet sent, there is no tree, and I am feeling very sorry for myself - so I can really identify with this poor frozen Dryad!

*** Winter Stole the Dryad's Heart ***

Snowflakes skate along glittering moonbeams
A girl in red stands on a frozen lake
Her frozen heart is pinned upon a branch.

Crimson marks her snowy breast
Winter stole the Dryad's heart
Now she weeps bloody tears.

Leaves shatter in the icy cold
Skeletal fingers on haunted trees
But with Spring her heart will beat again.

*** Credits ***

Location: The Enchanted Frost Hunt by MadPea 

Outfit: Grendel's Children Dryad tree arms (heavily modified)
House of Ruin 'Change of Seasons' Dryad skin (ghost) & eyes (carmine) ~ store now {Rue}
Magika 'Tomorrow' hair (mesh)
Wild Serenity 'Amore' coral dress (from Womenstuff hunt)
Ruby circlet by Elros Tuominen
House of Rain 'Laughing Bloody Murder' necklace (ltd. ed. from Unhinged event)
Livid Tears of Blood and Nosferatu claws (free gifts!)
Yellow Jester impaled heart from A Tainted Love hunt
Lassitude & Ennui solar & lunar bracelets

I apologise that so often, as here, I use items which can no longer be obtained. The simple fact is, I am doing this challenge for myself, using what I have. If you like my avatars, if they inspire you, if an item catches your eye and switches you on to a previously unknown store, that's great! But I'm not and never will be a fashion blogger. I credit for two reasons: to acknowledge the designers who make the lovely things without which I couldn't play dress-up; and to give you an idea where to go to find, at the very least, more of the same style, if not the exact same items.


  1. Love seeing your dryad in her winter form. She's very magical looking this way, and the dark colours with the bright red of her dress are a perfect combination. There does seem to be a little sadness in your pictures, possibly made more obvious as you discuss the harshness of Winter, but there is also a little happiness or even naughtiness in that last picture with your smile! I hope the Bronchitis clears up soon, then I can stop worrying about you!

  2. The pictures are exquisite! I think I like the first one best - even though you can't see as much detail you get the whole effect of the dress, and the scenery is enchanting. I hope your bronchitis clears up long before Spring!!

  3. I hope you manage to kick that bronchitis' butt soon. Being sick is bad enough without it ruining Christmas as well :(

    Your dryad doesn't seem to be bothered by the weather too much. She looks very pretty indeed :)