Monday, 3 December 2012

Colour Challenge 49 - Cotton Candy

I have been saying (threatening?) for a while now that if another pink came up, I would put on my Barbie doll. (The pudding for week 45 was too good to miss though.) I have PurpleMoon to thank for the dress - heaven knows when I picked it up, I imagine it was a group gift from the subscriber because I don't think I would have deliberately taken it from the main group board in-store - it's pretty but it's about as far from my usual fashion choices as you can get! However, it is perfect for this challenge, and for Barbie. I knew Rudh had a pink posing box like the packaging you get Barbies in, so I asked to borrow that, and then she had the inspired idea of me being a Christmas present under the tree. This led to me setting up an impromptu Christmas scene on Hell's workshop platform, after I promised to clean up after myself. The results are really quite startlingly cute and sugary and it's good that I've got this out of the way early in the season because I have plans for the Christmas week and... well it depends what colour crops up but let's just say I'm going to try to be as anti-glitz as possible. I do love Christmas but the kitsch gets to me before it even properly begins, IRL as well as SL.

Now with that in mind, it has to be said, though I love what I've done with the theme this week, this is the least 'Fledgey' of my Challenge outfits to date and I don't quite feel comfortable wandering around in public in it - I know, I've tried. In another sense though, because I'm playing at being an animated doll, it IS very 'me'. Everyone who knows me finds the look slightly scary - and my husband looked over at my screen, threw me a look as though I'd sprouted another head, and said in ominous tones "You've CHANGED..." - meaning that the colour challenge has gone to my head and affected the way that I dress. He could be right! But there was one person who loved the look, and that was Violin Cupcake, my adorable little (SLadopted) daughter. She came over at the perfect time to join in the photoshoot and complete the theme; so without more ado, I present:-

~*.*.*~ A Little Girl's Christmas ~*.*.*~
~*.*.*~ Wish Come True ~*.*.*~

Twas the night before Christmas and under the tree,
Was a box with a dolly, as pink as could be!
In a gown of spun sugar she was seemingly dressed,
As against her boxed confines she eagerly pressed.
Then who should sneak out, at her presents to peep,
But young Violin, who should be fast asleep!
Christmas morning at last, and the doll was unwrapped;
"Pull my cord!" she said with a giggle, and clapped.
Then under the tree, with her nightgown and lolly,
The little girl danced with her new living dolly.
Violin never wanted this Christmas to end;
For Santa had brought her a magical friend!

Really, what little girl wouldn't want a life sized, magical, talking and walking dolly -in a pink ballerina outfit- for Christmas? (Well, as a child I could have done without the tutu but I'm sure I would have loved the doll.)

Close-up for detail against my dressing mirror. The skin even
has seams at the correct places for joint attachment.
~*.*.*~ Credits ~*.*.*~

Barbie Doll avatar by Mason Wylie ~ free *full perms* shape, skin, eyes and four different hair colours, with a pull-cord that plays random recorded doll phrases; you can even hear the rattle of the cord winding up as she talks! Ask me if you'd like a copy. Outfit not included.

PurpleMoon Pink Orchid ballet tutu with prim shoulder detail.
Heavenly Bodies pink rose lingerie.
Awesome Designs pink cotton candy French tip manicure.
Vinyl Cafe pink pumps.

Relentless Couture My Little Pony necklace (creator's first rezday thank you gift)
SSUS Valentine's Day candy heart earrings (store closed)
Exodi Summer Lovin' bracelet (pinkypolk)
FKD cotton candy (with eating animation).

Props & Scenery:
Grim Bros. Wonky Houses ~ Candy Cabin (with some extra Christmas decor by me)
Botanical Snowy Holiday Fir
Golden Delish Poses Dollbox (store closed).

I don't know where Violin bought her outfits but I love how her favourite jammies match the post colour! She was delighted to show off her own wardrobe and I was lucky to get these shots in between all the changes.


  1. AWWWW that's so cute, Violin is such a lucky girl... I'd have loved a life sized walking talking barbie dolly, guess that's why I have Rudh now. Your poem is a brilliant and clever piece of Fledge genius!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas kitchy sparkle!

  2. LOL @ your husband!

    You look perfect as a Barbie. Just make sure your arm doesn't pop out during all that dancing ;)

  3. Great poem - and a magical Christmas for Violin! I don't think you were ever into pink - not all little girls are, whatever Terry Pratchett says - but you would have loved an animated doll.

  4. As much as I know (or knew) you weren't a pink person, this is a great use of the colour and wrapped up in a great story and poem celebrating the generous side of Christmas!