Monday, 20 May 2013

For the Hoard! April - Week 2c - Summer Breezes

The final post to wrap up my week's purchases, with the few things that didn't fit into the previous categories but go rather well together and with my home on SL. Around the beginning of April I decided to do a spot of renovation (a common pastime) and created a sort of tropical island beach house in a giant floating martini glass. As you do! That is why there is an olive on the [cocktail] beach umbrella. It is very peaceful and summery up there, with nothing but the gentle sound of the surf and some eerie mermaid music on my Arcadia Asylum shell gramophone. And the occasional splash to announce a visitor dropping in! (Nice little early warning system...)

Finesmith made a run of limited edition mesh dresses for only L$55 - I think there were around 100 of each and there might still be some left, I was at her store over the weekend and the vendor was still there at any rate. I never used to wear short skirts in SL but I can't get enough of them now mesh is here. How could I pass up the opportunity for such a pretty, limited, low price dress from such a fine designer? The tipping factor was the carnelian jewellery which was included in the purchase. Each style of dress had a different style of beads, but I loved the chaotic splash of colour on this dress and the red jewels.

Dress: 'Mika' Dress1 from Finesmith

Boots: 'Secret' in nude from Elikatira (not an April purchase). I greedily bought the entire fatpack of 14 colours at a 75% discount sale, because it was impossible to choose and 75% off made it more like buying one pair at standard price! I swear there is something about shoes and the X chromosome... The best way to spot a man masquerading as a woman on SL is to ask about 'her' shoe collection. If it doesn't number in the thousands, they are likely faking. Unless they are a furry, or dragon, of course. Paws and claws - and hoofs - just don't fit in shoes!

Plushies: (Magic) Luck Dragon and (Rainbow) Uni-ee! from Silentsparrow*. She had just introduced the dragons, and while I was there I thought I ought to grab the uni as I keep eyeing Rudh's when I go to visit, and they can keep each other company. The unicorn's horn tip sparkles :)

Surfboard: I wanted something beachy and low-prim to add to the decor, and searched for surfboards on the marketplace. {What Next} have this gorgeous freebie, totally my colours, in a two-pack with a pink one. 1 prim, copy only.

I detached the Butterfly Kiss sail from an Egyptian Gold Feluka by illume Skallagrimson, who is as old as SL itself; a beautiful full-perms build I found hidden in my inventory from way back in 2006. If you want it, ask me for a copy! The fence is mesh, 1 prim for a full half-circle surrounding my parcel, and comes from the merhome shipwreck, a free build from the Arcadia Asylum Recovery Library which is something I still need to blog.

In case you hadn't heard, Silentsparrow and Schadenfreude have moved because their old community sim, TwoMoons Island, has unfortunately closed down - the proprietor MiaSnow is in a bit of a financial pickle and LL have blocked her account, so she has given up on SL :/ Hard times for business in SL, and although many stores weathered the initial depression, I'm getting the nasty feeling that I may see a lot of my old favourites fall by the wayside if the global economy doesn't improve. Well I am doing my bit, however small..! 

*(I only have the one lm, if it dumps you right outside Schadenfreude don't worry because trust me, Silentsparrow will not be far away!)

Close-up showing Mika jewellery and a little 'Spring Token' flower mouthie by Kre-ations for the April Flower Petal hunt (sorry this is now over but Kre-ations sells lots of lovely things you should check out!)

'Airhead' skin by GP (Curio), a really lovely skin which came as a Truth District Update Group gift; I didn't really pay attention at the time as I'm not generally one for human skins, but I thought I'd try it on with the dress and was really pleased with the look. This wasn't from April; I really have no idea when it came out! I believe Curio is back in business after that nasty copyright incident, so hurrah for her!

!lamb heart hair (honeycomb roots) - the (sole) group joining gift, from the subscribo at her store. Worn with an Amacci free tattoo hairbase.

Kunstkammer 'Bast' eyes II (fluoride) - store closed. I keep coming back to these eyes, every time I wear anything with a hint of pink or purple, and they look lovely with the eyeshadow on this skin.

Sitting inside my little beach house reading my new coffee table book (see below). Featuring
KOSH In Between Days house, spruced up with a paint job to brighten the walls; you can't see from here but each wall is a different colour. I went with pastels, unusual for me but they seemed to suit the bleached driftwood style of a summer beach house. Butterfly Kiss furniture by Angelic Designs, evil gatcha Tako cup of hot chocolate by Schadenfreude, rugs by Kate McLaglen (now running StoraxTree but these are ancient). I made the curtains. The picture, which is titled Dragon Moon - Where the Dragons Live, is a very old purchase from Demian Caldera, who creates for Dream Art & Design but I doubt you'd find it there (but who knows?) The tiny blue (summer) dragon perched on the chairback is also from Silentsparrow; he is meant to go on your head. Each dragon comes in large and tiny versions. Only the little dragon and the book (and my outfit) are April purchases.

Field Guide to Magical Creatures, a Silentsparrow and Schadenfreude collaboration. The original artwork (six creatures from the Harry Potter series) is by hyasynth of Silentsparrow. The book was comparatively expensive, costing an entire week's stipend, which normally I would only lay out on a dress; but the illustrations are gorgeous, the pages really turn as you can see from my motion capture, with a lovely smooth animation, and the whole thing is only 2 land impact. I'd had an eye on it for a while and since I had the money at the time, I decided to grab it while I was getting the plushies. It is a thoroughly lovely item and well worth its price. The pictures are of a Jarvey, a Kneazle (Hermione's cat), a flying seahorse (although where on earth did they feature in Potter?) a Unicorn, a Kelpie and a Hippogriff. If it had had a dragon, I would have bought it the day it was released with no questions asked!

I was playing about with the windlight settings and discovered this lovely and alien sunset called TOR SciFi Bluesunwarmed. I like how it limns the edges of objects in ultraviolet. The nautilus chair is another Arcadia Asylum build.

And thus concludes the mega hoard triple post purchasing spree of the second week of April! Phew!! At this rate I'm going to be posting one month behind on everything...

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  1. At first I was like WOAH there is someone else in these photos till I read the thing about the Curio skin... Couldn't have put that higher in the list could you LOL it really doesn't look like you! OK the eyes give it away a little! Gotta love having a martini and finding a small island floating in it LOL especially one as well decorated as this!