Wednesday, 1 May 2013

For the Hoard! May, Week 1

Tis May 1st and Spring truly sprang upon us today with warm sunshine and birds singing. I logged into SL in order to finish off my April hoard posts (there's a lot still to do and I have been tardy due to having finally succumbed to World of Warcraft - which my husband has only been playing the entire time I've been on SL..). Of course what actually happened was that I went SHOPPING! And then because my purchases were so suitable for the day, and so that you (hopefully!) have a chance to get the limited edition items before they're gone, I thought I would publish ahead of schedule and leave the rest of April for later.

Today's purchases are Very Pink. Do not faint! I 'blame' the colour challenge for having shown me that I look good in this colour; but also the theme is cherry blossom, which I adore, and is one of the few legitimately pink things in the universe (candyfloss, flamingoes and kittens' noses are also allowed; and, I suppose, pigs). I also blame PurpleMoon, because they sent me to the limited edition sale at the Couturier's Docks on a fool's errand, their dress being the only item to have SOLD OUT already; but instead I picked up this divine Sakura [cherry blossom] jewellery set and yet more White Widow eyeshadow - of which I seem to be making quite a collection, without having once visited their store! PurpleMoon did not miss out, because I then went back to the main store and bought an unlimited new Meadow dress, having looked twice and realised that it also featured cherry blossom and was the perfect companion outfit. Here are the results.

~: May Day Cherry Blossom :~

Meadow dress by PurpleMoon

Pink Sakura jewellery by Pure Poison *ltd. ed.*

Flowers everywhere!
Asia eyeshadow by White Widow *lted. ed.*

Hail the rising sun!

Jewellery detail. Isn't it exquisite!

~: May Day Purchases :~

PurpleMoon Meadow Maxi dress (cool system where you can buy just one dress then HUD packs for different colours or patterns, to change without filling up your inventory. One dress on its own is really low priced). >MESH<

Pure Poison Pink Sakura Garden Jewelry Set (in gold and silver; also sold in White edition) from Couturier's Docks Asian Spring sale. >MESH<

White Widow 'Asia' eyeshadow (5 colours) from Couturier's Docks Asian Spring sale.

** Both the Sakura jewellery and eyeshadow are EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION items; 50 in total, forever. They will be on sale at the Couturier's Docks until they are gone. There were quite a few of each left when I visited this morning...

~: Other Items :~

Shar's Design Maiden Daisy Wreath (tinted slightly) - a beautiful and faultless item for just L$19! There are tiny strawberries hidden in the daisies.

Gaia 'Mina' hair from The Attic (Changes edition, April 21-30). >MESH<

Poses from Ma Vie 'Changes' for The Attic (April 21-30).

I'm sorry, I don't know if the Attic items are limited or will still be available (but probably higher priced) in their home stores.

Photoshoot on Belphegor on a privately rented parcel adjacent to the sandbox I commonly use there (it is very quiet and low traffic). I spotted the cherry trees across the sandbox and went to investigate; they made a lovely backdrop for my new things, so thank you to the owner for not closing off their parcel! I didn't disturb the horse.

Windlight setting Nacon's Sweet Morning.

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  1. Seeing you in pink lol something I thought would never happen hehe, but I guess as what happened with me the inevitable happened and you discovered other colours that worked well hehe... I love the pink cherry blossom look you've put together, and although those Purple Moon items always seem to sell out fast at these events I guess this time it was worth you heading over to one hehe... Such a pretty look!