Sunday, 19 May 2013

WoW - Triplicats!

Just sneaking in a quick couple of shots to show off my Triplicats in World of Warcraft - three matched dark striped saber cats :)

I managed to complete enough quests for the night elves to be allowed a night elf riding mount - a nightsaber. Now I have mount, hunter pet (unique rare) and battlepet companion cub.

From behind

From in front

Look at Shadow Whisker, the cub, yawning. He's so cute! Both pets make random yawning animations (with sound) and growl if you click on them. As said before, the cub sleeps a lot. Looks like a little family, doesn't it :) WoW doesn't assign gender to most animals so there's no reason Shadowclaw can't be the mother. You can't name your mounts but I think I will call him Shadowcat in my head.

I'm now level 35 and have 20 pets; I only have room for 2 more before I'll have to start replacing them (I'll get a couple more slots later but not for a while and certainly not before I'll find more pets I want!) The other day I had a bit of a rare pet bonanza and got 2 spider queens (Queen Silith and Iriss the Widow), Quall the sapphire owl, Sparkwing the wind serpent, Feras (a shiny leopard) and Volux, a giant purple wasp. I'm after Tenok (a raptor) and a blue moth, not rare but to match another battlepet, and then I will have to start making Difficult Decisions.

In previous expansions, pets were quite individual and it probably made sense to limit hunters in how many they could keep or they would obtain significant battle advantages; now they all do pretty much the same thing and have only cosmetic differences, so I wish WoW would increase the number you can stable. They already raised it from 4 to 25 but THAT IS NOT NEARLY ENOUGH! I plan on making more hunters, to spread out the pet acquisition across realms.

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  1. LOL you're a hoarder of animals in wow then... careful or your stable could get as full as your SL wardrobe hehe