Sunday, 8 January 2012

Colour Challenge Week 2 - Coral

Hello again! Well obviously the first thing to occur to me with 'coral' was 'mermaids!' because I have several mer avatars although they are not usually this colour. Rudh wanted to be a mermaid too and thought she shouldn't, if we would compete, but I said why not do a collaborative post and show us as matching sisters :D I already knew where to get hold of a lovely mer-avie which I had passed over some weeks earlier (pink is NOT one of my favourite colours, in any shade) so I went back to get it - I think Rudh found the same thing on the marketplace - now, I realise that this is more coral-pink than the standard coral of Luna's swatch, but hey, 1) it's still coral! and 2) I'm sorry but that swatch just reminds me of sushi and I do not want to dress in raw fish even if I AM part fish ;) I really like how my new coral mermaid turned out, I spent ages fixing the hair, which is fully customisable but with chat driven menu commands for EVERYTHING - nearly drove me nuts - and I was quite amused that for once we seem to have switched roles, and it was Rudh showing her dark side with tentacle hair and nomming on a mermaid *omglol*. See, she pretends to be all sweet and innocent but she has inherited something of mummy's Unseelie streak after all ^.~

Rudh (L) and Fledge (R) - Blood is thicker even than saltwater

Coral Location: Kami-Hitoe merstore and undersea playground in Sporminore

I really wanted to take 'on location' pictures for all my challenges, finding beautiful places someone else has created is one of my favourite things about SL, and then matching them to my chosen theme... sadly the poses were a little too far apart to show us both together in full justice, and you might want to visit Rudh's post to get a better look at the mer-sisters. However I took some lovely shots of us singly in close-up.

Seduction in Coral


What she is wearing: 
Mertail & pasties: Taliesins Tails Chakra Lotus sp.ed. freebie (still available! It also has a beautiful rainbow chakra tattoo on the back)
Skin: {Frick} Noveria - Blush - Clvg (creator's rez-day gift, not sure if it's in-store)
This is a lovely skin but normally I wouldn't wear this colour scheme - it complements the mer-tail beautifully so I'm glad to get a chance to use it after all. That's what I'm hoping for in this challenge, to air out some of the things in my inventory!
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Xmas Eyes - Candycane
Ears: Schadenfreude Mer-Elf
Hair: Tekeli-li! Nixie (Fantasy Fair freebie 2011)
Jewellery: Tekeli-li! Nereid

I did have a little matching koi fish (another Tekeli-li! freebie) who swam around me, you'll see him in Rudh's post, but he got in the way too much with all the animated poses on my shoot. I do like to make things difficult for myself...

Store shoutout - Both hair and jewellery are fully customisable-scripted besides being mod/copy, you should really check out Tekeli-li's store because he does fabulous fantasy things - avatars, hair, jewellery, furniture. Generally Lovecraftian or deep sea themed. They can be a bit complicated with so much to change - the hair alone had different menus for hair texture, colour and each different part of decoration e.g. shells, starfish etc. - but the results are well worth it. Incidentally it takes me enough time putting these posts together without linking to stores (especially since I'm raiding my inventory for stuff going back 5 years and don't have current lms for a lot of it) so if you're really interested and can't find a store inworld, don't hesitate to ask me! Just drop a comment in here or send me a notecard.

Some more pretty :3

Dawn - the Mermaid Awakens

The Pearl in the Oyster

Rudh, a Venus in Tentacles (sunset)


  1. OOOOOH such pretty mermaids, wherever did you find them??? I have to say that although I knew you were such an elegant and stunning mermaid I shocked myself LOL love the pics, the lighting and the setting is awesome!

  2. It was all a hallucination brought on by a surfeit of oysters *g* Explains the 'mood' lighting...

  3. Very nicely done, I think you both make such pretty mermaids!

  4. Awesome job with the matching mermaid sisters! The location is gorgeous, too. Good job finding it!

  5. Those mermaid shots are gorgeous! And a two-fer, lol! Nice to see the both of you:)

  6. Looks like I wasn't the only one that went mer for this color. Lovely! That Tentacle hair! wow!

  7. You are both underwater beauties!

  8. what beautiful mers you both make!

  9. You both look lovely. And good job on the location too!