Monday, 23 January 2012

Colour Challenge Week 4 - Iron

IRON: a pale grey. The first idea that came to me was one of my many Undead avatars, because they are a specialty of mine and several have grey skin or clothing. In fact I ended up making a whole new avatar and the scenery to pose her against, and am very happy with the terrorific results >:D My grey is actually a good match but since it's a shot of a ghoul in a graveyard, it had to be taken at night, which slews the shade a little even in bright moonlight. I took a daylight shot just to prove it, but the only ghoul you're ever likely to see in daylight is a dead one. (Or should that be 'deader'?) 

Photo series: Walking through a SL graveyard at night. DO NOT DO THIS.

Are we being watched..?
Is that a statue up there..?
Oh nooooooo...! HELP!
OMnomnomnom :9
I am sorry but I couldn't resist this last shot. I'm being a ghoul, after all. 


Windlight: Bryn Oh's Annas Many Murders, post contrast +35, local lighting from moonbeams
Location setup: Ruins, dragon statues, graves & scary tree by Angelic Designs
Moonbeams by < stuff > (lighting added by me)
Dead grass by Snowbound
Crypt by me, with pentacle detail by Dragon Magick Wares
Pose "rooftop crouch" standard free animation

Outfit: Skin ~ Gala - Halloween - Zombie (now at Curio if still sold)
Hair ~ *miasnow* WILD WOMAN
Eyes ~ {Frick} Vengeance 2
Teeth ~ SSUS "ARGH!" Scary Teeth (& HUD emote)
Claws ~ [ni.ju] tintable claws
Clawed feet ~ SLink "Exotix" Jolie Pied (flat)
Ragged cape & skirt modded from Grendel's Children "Bonemancer" avatar
Bastchild & Lapointe "Lotus Flower" grey silk shirt
Pixeldolls "Belle" waist cincher in dove
Unique Needs Bone Belt from 2009 Twisted hunt
Kitchen knife spine 'wings' by Riven Neurocam
Spider Productions skull webbed necklace
::69:: Gold Skull Bangles
Leg by Nomasha Syaka (who incidentally also made the sculptie horse LL put in your library).

Ack, daylight!
Windlight settings: default midday - just to show the colour properly.

A bit of colour geekery for those who are interested: Couldn't find iron in either the wiki colour list or the Crayola colour list but I did find a handy little app by Chirag Mehta which lets you put in the CSS hex number to find the closest named colour match, and he agrees with Luna, apparently based on the guide by Resene Paints in NZ. (Luna, where are you getting these colours..? ;) Although this app by Daniel Flueck calls that colour [#D4D7D9] "zumthor" ............ which cracks me up, and gives #CACCCE as the code for iron ............ (which is a smidge darker than Luna's swatch, though you can't tell until you lay one over the other). Which just goes to show that there is no absolute standard for these hues, and personal interpretation is just fine :) Besides which, judging by the posts, we all (even Luna!) match the colours by eye, not by RGB values. I really have no intention of being a geek while answering this challenge, it just interests me how the colour names come up. There are some hilarious names in those lists, and a friend linked me to a colour survey on the xkcd comic which is a very fun read. One of the purples was named 'velociraptor cloaca' by one of the survey takers; it was close to, but not quite so bright as, electric indigo, though if I'd known beforehand, my post last week would have been a little different... *eg*