Thursday, 5 January 2012

Luna's Colour Challenge 2012 - Champagne!

Champagne - Autumn Faun
Location: Forest Floor Gardens & Dreamscapes (you can buy the trees in the shop, they are very low (2-3) prim sculpts)

Well, I might be slightly insane for taking this on, but my sister Rudh had so much fun with this challenge last year, I wanted to join in. So I have taken up the second year of Luna's SL colour challenge - hurrah!

First colour, to celebrate the new year: Champagne. Now I've been wearing this faun avatar all winter and the fur is already a great match, so I just needed to find a dress, and being as I have a LOT of different shades of gold in there (surprise, surprise), my hoard provided :) Then I had to find a pose which would show off the legs as well as the dress, and find a position which would show the treetops... tricky, I ended up having to fly because that arch is a sculpt and I couldn't sit on it for real.

I love how this colour works for me in so many ways: the foamy lace of my dress against pale fur; the mellow gold of the birch leaves, conjuring the sense of autumn air as cool, crisp and dry as wine. Birch is my favourite tree, gold is not my top favourite colour but it is my colour (as I'm a gold dragon) and so a golden faun among birch woods in autumn is very much 'me'. (To explain that apparent contradiction, I'm actually half Fae, and a shapeshifter - Rudh and I are half sisters, my father having been a dragon, hers human. Our Pookah mother was racially very broad... minded ;)

I took a lot of photos for this one, because I have recently taken the plunge into the Firestorm v3 client, and I love the effects of sunlight and shadows among the trees, and the greater quality of graphics. So apologies for the rather long post, but here's to everyone, may you have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012! And I'll let you into a little secret... I don't actually like champagne, to drink - it's too dry! I toasted my new year with some Glayva liqueur whiskey :9


What she is wearing: 
Dress: Chic Boutique - Golden Goddess
Avatar: Titania's Court - Faun Autumn Yellow (legs, ears, tail)
Hair: Liberty - ashblonde
Antlers: {Rue} Horn'd/Banneret - Hobgoblin: gold
Eyes: MaXeyes Creations - Dragon
Skin: {Frick} Confetti - sugar (New Year group gift)
Jewellery: Eolande Petite Snowflake Dangle necklace & earrings
Lassitude & Ennui lunar & solar arm rings (doubt if they still have them, these are one of my oldest and most treasured possessions, I wear them practically always)

Some more pretty :3

Sunlit Dreaming
Quiet Reflection

Horned Shadow


  1. YAY You did it... I am so proud of you lol but I tell you something, if you are gonna start blaming me for being sucked into this I DIDN'T MAKE YOU lol!!! You look so pretty in Champagne! Those horns are awesome too!!!

  2. Half Fae, shapeshifter, gold dragon... Wow, that's enough to make my head spin ;)

    That said, you look absolutely stunning in champagne. Can't wait to see what you do next week!

  3. lol my inventory makes MY head spin with all the avatars...

    Thanks both of you! ^^ Next week is under wraps already just have to choose from ::gulp:: 43 photos I took... It should be fabulous though :D