Sunday, 15 January 2012

Colour Challenge Week 3 - Electric Indigo

Well to start with, I have never heard of electric indigo, but wikipedia gave an approximate guide so I believe Luna ;) Purple is a nice colour group but not at all 'me' so I didn't have much chance of finding anything suitable in my wardrobe. However, one thing I do have in abundance is avatars - animals, dragons, monsters, plants, even weirder stuff than that! So since Avatars-R-Us in my inventory, time to bring one out to answer the colour challenge! 

I immediately thought of dragons (because I am one) and then Grendel's, because they make the best dragons and I have an insane number of their avies. As it was to be my first avatar post, I wanted it to be pretty, and luckily I have the full set of Fae dragons, one of which is already violet in colour. I re-tinted it to be a better match, and added glow on the wings and antennae to give that electric brightness, but that isn't really a lot of work so my creativity in this post is with the photography. This is the first time I played with windlight settings to try to achieve a harmonious background, which I felt would best display the gorgeous colour and glow of the dragon. I hope you like the results =)

N.B. All photographs taken in Firestorm 3.2.2 and uploaded to

Butterfly Moon

Avatar: Avarian Fae Dragon - Saffron (re-tinted) by Grendel's Children

Windlight settings: default midnight
Position: In flight, seen from beneath

Into the Blue

Windlight settings: [TOR] SUNRISE - Wonderzan

Into the Sun
Windlight settings: [TOR] SUNSET - Camp champ

Butterfly Moon - Peinture
Windlight settings: [TOR] SCIFI - Sparz puft
Post-photography touch-up: Macromedia Fireworks

This last picture doesn't show the colour so well but I wanted to do something artistic, and I have developed my own process which renders a photograph into something like an oil painting. I think if I import this into SL and give it partial transparency it will make a beautiful stained glass window :)


  1. such a gorgeous set of pics and yay on your fist avatar post!the stained glass is a very good idea too!!!

    1. How odd is it that my first dragon post is PURKLE of all colours??

  2. hi Fledge! All very cool.. though the symmetrical ones make me think of Rorschach tests LOL. And the pics don't have to be about clothes or outfits, I did a few different ones too!

    1. Thanks! Hehe what did you see in your Rorschach test, was it butterflies, dragons, or something dark and disturbing... ;)

  3. hello Fledge ..this is so cute!!!! And super you try all sorts of light.. i like into the blue... bye bye Nic

  4. That looks absolutely AWESOME!! Very nice job.

  5. Breathtaking! I like the variety of angles and backgrounds.

  6. Aw, what a gorgeous dragon! Love your windlights, especially "Into the Blue" how the colors of the sky blend.

  7. Wow those pictures are awesome! And you look very pretty in dragon-form.

  8.!!! thats all I can think to say!! You are stunning as a dragon!

  9. Absolutely breathtaking :-)