Monday, 2 April 2012

Colour Challenge Week 14 - Royal Purple

Purple again... I'm really not good with this colour, and as you may remember from Electric Indigo, I cheated at the time and used an avatar - well it's not really cheating, the challenge is simply to match the colour, but I want to make outfits if I can. I have a great avatar from Tekeli-li which would have matched, but that wouldn't have been so creative on my part. You NEARLY had me wearing just the head as a squid headed pole dancer, but the royal purple silks I found turned out not to be the right shade, and were prim and *no mod* for pity's sake - who makes no mod prim silks? They showed EVERYTHING because they were for a much bustier shape. I won't name and shame the designer as they were old, probably from a lucky chair, and she has a thriving business so she must be doing something good. Maybe these days they're scripted.

But then I realised that the avatar skin is actually very nice and even has good face detail - I didn't realise until I took the head off, because most prim-avatar creators don't bother detailing the face. So I decided to be a purple fairy like my friend Lola instead. I had to tint the hair and dress just a smidgeon (they were more pink than purple) but finally I had a result. I found the location while doing the Steam Hunt and it just seemed to have lots of fun photo opportunities for a fairy, also I wanted to showcase the sim because it's so awesome and I had a lot of fun exploring and doing the mini-hunt for extra items; the hunt is over of course but you can still have fun with all the fantastic creations at the Epic Toy Factory.

Incidentally I couldn't use lighting and shadows because they made the transparency of the skirt texture show up like an invisiprim against my legs - bizarre, since invisiprims themselves fail to show under these settings. I'm not sure what was causing that; it's a very old skirt and possibly uses a form of transparency that everyone has stopped using. Very peculiar. If anyone has any idea what is going on there, please let me know!


Easter egg - all MINE!


Riding the Easter Bunny Carousel
(There were lots of different carousels but this was the only one I didn't break by sitting on it!)

Sob - stuck in a bubble!

Giant flowers - or small fairy?

Scrying for who will come see my post

Champion, the Wonder Humminghorse

An octopus's garden neath the waves
This last shot was in an environment which seemed tailored to the Steam Hunt so I don't know if it will still be there, underneath the factory; I hope so, or else I hope she puts the Ents somewhere else. You can just see one floating to the left of shot, a sort of cross between a dryad and a mermaid with floating, willow branch hair.


Windlight: Sky - [TOR] Foggy - sad purple; Water - [TOR] Watermelon Juice

Purple tulle dress by Allana Dion, from Yadnie's Junkyard (a freebie warehouse)
L&E 'Estampie' medieval slippers (lavender) - these require NO invisiprims or alpha masks
DellyBeams Pink Sapphire Garnet jewellery

Skin by Tekeli-li from the Starspawn Voidcaller avatar
'Butterfly Caught' hair by Burning Chrome, from a past Crazy Ass Hair Hunt
*TSM* Craze eyes - c3 darkpurple/green
Pixeldolls (Pixelmuse) Fairy - Winter Plum wings
Sensations nails
Alady Island free prim lashes & Linden lash killer alpha mask

Using a DOLLCOCO facelight for these shots; normally I have no truck with facelights and love the way lighting plays on textures throughout the course of a day, particularly with the new system (try jewellery just before sunset - it sets it on fire, no need for fullbright, glow or bling!) but with these windlight settings I needed that extra touch of brightness.


  1. LOLAAAAAAAA hehe, that's where the purple lola fairy has gone, she ended up in your inventory! I love the setting. That is somewhere that I have never been before and will definitely have to check it out, maybe I will go dressed as a dolly and have a good time (if I ever get the time lol), but I think the setting sets off the gorgeous fairy look perfectly. I love that last shot it is so serene and peaceful, however I will say that it is so very weird seeing YOU as the purple fairy hehe!!

  2. wait lol serene and peaceful is the same thing... stupid me *facepalms* I meant serene and pensive,considering the way you are taking time out to sit hehe...

  3. As a chocolate addict, I can totally relate to that first picture! I'd love to have an Easter egg that big...

    But anyway, you made the purple submit to you once again. You look great as a purple faerie :)

  4. You know..I've never been to the toy factory. I think I shall have to take a visit after seeing this!

    Your look is fantastic. Though I have a sad that the hair is a past hunt prize. Means I can't get it now!

    1. I knoooow, I'm sorry :< Most of my hair tends to be hunt gifts or really old freebies, because I HATE hair shopping. And then the CAHH stuff just gets buried away and probably would never see the light of day if it wasn't for this hunt! You know, you could always ask. Creators are not immune to pleading flattery and I think this was the first hunt so it's been a while now ;)

  5. The wings are so pretty! And as you know, purple is one of my favourite colours... The surroundings look fascinating.

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