Monday, 23 April 2012

Colour Challenge 17 - Shuttle Gray

This one was looking hard - then I found a really old and languishing set of colour changing armour. The rest of the look followed on from there very quickly and my new pet came along to help, so welcome to:

[ ] The Futuristic Adventures of Dragon Commander and Space Kat! [ ]

Coming out on deck for some fresh sea air

What was that noise?!

Argh! A horrible alien sea monster!

Defensive positions!

The commander sneaks around while her faithful
sidekick holds the monster's attention

Katlien leaps!

Outnumbered & outfaced, the monster dives back
into the sea and we watch as it leaves...

Outfit Credits

Location: Alcyon Sector (taking liberties with someone's spaceship)
Windlight: [TOR] Night - Mighty Moon (parcel default)

Spiked Claw Armour by Zeria Sassoon
Chainmail clothing layers by Phyren Yossarian
EA (Escade Athel) Naughty Boots (black)
Open Collar Colony & [AiTech] Cage collars (descripted ;)

Griddie LUNCH hair (CAHH2)
MIASNOW Sugar Skull Hunt Eyes - Chrome
Re.Birth freebie skin Demon: Mara: Special: Fairy Sneeze

Ray Gun from P.Corp's Target Game which is only L$10 and lots of fun! (The gun doesn't do anything outside the game but it looks good.)

Monster: Wandering Nowhere Elder Deep One (Basic Edition) - yes it was me ;)

Free Poses: Katlien - rooftop crouch and the Open Collar ~jumphug
Commander - Hardbow-stance and punching

If you want to know what Katlien is wearing, let me know. It's hard enough collating info on my own outfits and hers didn't match the challenge so I left it out. I think she makes a really super cool space cat though! And a fine lieutenant. We gave that monster what for!


  1. LOVE IT, I was a bit worried about the hair at first but I remember the hair and it was no where near as bad as I remember it hehe... You guys look great and EEEEH KILL THAT THING IT ATE HELL's HEAD hehe I have the photos to prove it... love the story!!!

  2. I really like it when you add a story to the challenge!

    I don't even need info on how your outfit works, other than how it matches the colour prompt, so info about the cat's outfit would be TMI!!!

    1. No, well, you're not in SL. People like to have references so if they like something, they can go looking for it inworld without having to wait and ask the blogger. Unfortunately, when it comes to my posts, a lot of my stuff is so ancient the creators probably aren't around anymore... but you never know, so I still credit everything as much as I can!

  3. Mission accomplished! (That monster scared me alot)
    I like alot the environment and how you mix and matched your avatar. =^.^=