Sunday, 15 April 2012

Colour Challenge Week 16 - Bright Turquoise

I seem to be coping with the amount of blue in this challenge so far but come on the warm colours!! Maybe Luna is saving them for summer *g* It's not been a brilliant week, although I did get the outfit sorted by the end of MONDAY!!! - and then went around SL in it hunting for hair. But I've been ill, the weather has been freezing and wet, and my pet snake had to be put down :( So I'm keeping this one short.

Turquoise, stone of the mysterious Orient. It's another neko because I found the turquoise ears and tail, and then this lovely skin which I picked up on some hunt or other (not necessarily the hunt I was supposed to be doing!) The silks are heavily modded, with a different buckle to the original, and a new texture - but they are full perms so if you would like a set, I can give you a copy of the ones I'm now wearing :) I admit to slightly cheating on the hair, because I didn't already have it, but I've had my eye on it for a while and knew it would be perfect for this outfit. So ok I spent money - but it will be used again! I'm already thinking of how to adapt this into an avatar of Bast-Sekhmet. Silks in SL tend to be sold for slaves and submissives but I like using them in emancipated concepts - and just try telling this kitty she's a sub! I seem to have found the necklace during one of the many fall hunts which run alongside the Halloween ones I often take part in, which proves the wisdom of collecting any and all hunt prizes you happen to see - it's absolutely gorgeous and I would totally wear it IRL so thank you to the creator for putting this out as a gift :) And finally, I dressed my little summerhouse up for the setting, with home-made drapes and an Oriental carpet, seating area and coffee set. Welcome to


Mystic Mog's Crystal Readings

Gaze into my crystal ball...
Don't worry, the blindness wears off after a few hours.

Meditating on the future
Yeah it's a shame LL seem to have broken the body shape so that flared pants now make your ankles look like mushroom stalks - but as harem pants have a full bellbottom, and these were pre-sculpt era, I shrugged and put up with it. They would have looked sillier skinny.

My silks, in full.
They be turquoise.


Wearing: LMI Turquoise Silks (heavily modded but full perms)
Tekeli-li Ashtoreth hair (monochromes)
bewildebeest Salome Veil (gold/aquamarine) - I know, I'm sorry she's closed :(
Touch of Ireland native turquoise necklace (hunt gift)
Tekeli-li Ouroboros bracelets
Awesome Sauce Paw'd collar dangle (snitched for a belly chain)
Entrapment Designs blue bikini thong (tinted)
Cobalt Creations Blue Harem vest & pants (full perms) - also tinted a darker blue, the originals are pretty with gold edging but the blue was too light against the turquoise. But the silks alone weren't quite enough.

Body: Chimera Neko ears & tail in turquoise tabby (freebie!)

Curious Kitties Azil Whisp Skin - Light Sparkle (hunt gift)
Wildchilde Aqua Dream eyes (my first purchased eyes :)
[mock] Eyeshadow Pink Winterberry
Sensations nails
SLink Jolie Pied Exotix feet - with colour changing on/off pawpads! =^.^=

Decor: Drapes & wall hanging made by me
Angelic Designs Gazebo & hanging lamp
Creative Fantasy yellow rose trellis panels (Julia Hathor)
Dorasht 18th century rug design by Dirk Talamasca*
JOMO Chinese table & cushions set (freebie!)
Melino Style Turkish coffee set
Kinzart Kreetures Rift Dragon vendor 'box' hijacked for use as crystal ball!

Shout Out:
This week's shout-out goes to the lovely gentleman Dirk Talamasca. I owned a carpet of his from waaay back, a gift from one of my oldest friends and mentor in SL. Problem was, it was no copy. And during one of those laggy sessions of modding at home, I managed to hit the wrong object and change its shape - which nixed the texture >.< I looked for the designer, in the vain hope he'd still be in SL let alone know what I was talking about after all this time. To my surprise he was online, and also after I'd explained my predicament, most kindly replaced not only my original deshaped rug but gave me several other examples! All lately updated so that they don't conflict with alpha textures either (that was a leetle issue with the first one but it was so pretty I put up with it). Now I don't know if Dirk owns a store of any kind - his profile seems to be about SL help groups - but if he does, or ever did, I hope it brought him the profits he richly deserves. Thank you Dirk, you are a treasure, like your pretty Oriental carpets =^.~=
Oh and by the way - now I lock the darn things as soon as I've set them down! :P


  1. oh very mystic sphere it )) nice theme

  2. OOOOH sissypops, even though you are ill at the moment this has got to be one of your best outfits yet!! I love the setting and the style, you look awesome!!! What do you see in the Crystal Ball?

    1. Apparently I didn't see this flu coming, or I'd have made sure to post to Flickr earlier. Urgh. Glad you like it ^_^