Sunday, 8 April 2012

Colour Challenge Week 15 - Seashell Peach

I thought this was going to be another hard one, and was pleasantly surprised when a search for 'peach' turned up an old frock in just the right colour, called peaches and cream! My hoarding tendencies are vindicated once again! The rest was accessorising, and after I found a lovely Edwardian hat, I decided to make it a vintage look. After my last post talking about how my avatars are hardly ever human, this is the most human I've looked in the colour challenge - but if you could peek under the hat, you'd see that my ears are pointy ;) It occurred to me that I should have kept the chocolate eggs from Royal Purple for my photoshoot, but didn't have much time left to find another location and decided my giant bunny chair would be ideal in a home setting. I was searching for a nice soft colour palette in Windlight when I found the Dusty setting, which is perfect as it gives everything the sepia tone of old photographs. Finally, because it's Easter after all, I couldn't resist a little surprise change of accessories. 

Short post, I know. Don't die of shock! It's been a busy week.


Lazy Easter Memories

Seashell in Sepia

Rabbit and Parasol

Shell necklace in detail (so pretty!)

And... the Easter surprise special! :3

Jessica Rabbit


Lazy Log


Windlight: Sky: Dusty

Outfit: Peaches and Creme Ruffled Linen by Bianca Barbee (business sold)
BC Boutique Pearl Satin Formal Gown Gloves
Hat Heaven Edwardian Champagne Trimmed Hat
Julex boutique peach bow socks
Buttoned Boots by a friend, Sir Snoodle :3
Beach Party shell necklace by Damen Gorilla of Adam n Eve (from Male Party Outfit in the library; I just took off the collar)

C:K Azil Peach Skin
Calla Camellia Lights (Blonde) - perfect hat hair!
KOSH Eyes - Winter End Gloom 3

Easter Specials: Stars! Colored Eggs jewellery (*L$60 current sale*) 
Eclectism Bunny Ears from last year's Crazy Ass Hair Hunt (tis the season...)
^Re.Birth^ Makeup: Lipstick: Wild Bunch: Bunny-White

Props: Defensible Brolly by Ordinal Malaprop (one of my first purchases back in 2006!)
[TANGRAM] Fuzzy the Bunny: Brown
Khargo Tropical log
Easter basket by a friend, Ferryn Myriam :3
Bedazzle Field of Dreams meadow emitter (full perms freebie)


  1. Love it, so glam are the first few photos with that sepia tone like something straight out of a Victorian photo album, without the giant bunny of course hehe. Love the rabbity look too!

  2. I Love bunny's when they are peachy :-D

  3. love the vintage look and feel to your pics and outfit!

  4. Love the bunny chair! And you look cute with your bunny ears :)

  5. I love the bunny! Your dress is pretty too and I like the necklace.