Sunday, 12 August 2012

Colour Challenge 33 - Tyrian Pinkle

Tyrian purple, also known as royal* or imperial purple, has a long history as a dye made from shellfish. It was expensive to produce but the colour would improve rather than fade with wear/weathering and it was used as a mark of status and ceremony. To my mind it is a very pinkish purple, very similar to some of the raspberry pinks, which is why I call it pinkle. The only things I had in this colour were my hair, horns and the pattern on my jump suit, which suggested a cyber raver demon; the wings are old freebies which matched the suit design rather well and were tintable, and I just had to put on my roller skates. 
*Although we've already done Royal Purple and it wasn't even close to this shade...

I don't really know why I had to shoot this on the moon; maybe the sheer impossibility of finding a location to match or at least not clash too much with this colour. But the moon is really rather a good place for a roller-raver disco demon to dance; nice low gravity, lots of space, good lighting - and you know the music won't annoy the neighbours! I took lots of action shots for this one and decided to put together a kind of show reel, since I still don't know how to produce videos in SL. I keep astonishing myself with what I can pull out of my inventory, but bless Bare@Rose for their multiple colour outfits! The colour is actually closer than it looks due to the magenta glow given off by my Poi ribbons, which throws it off a little. I could have turned it off but I liked the glow effect.

Incidentally can someone please fix the camera bug which has kiboshed the auto-refresh? Action shoots are so much more difficult now you have to keep clicking 2 buttons, it isn't the effort it's the fact you lose a lot of shots due to the response lag T.T I can't seem to find anyone official who understands what I'm talking about but there are so many photographers on SL, surely this has a well-documented JIRA entry by now?

oOo See You on the Dark Side of the Moon oOo

Dance Series 1

Dance Series 2

Lunar Raver - best shot


oOo Credits oOo

Location: Mos Ainsley space base (ty Linden Public Works)
Windlight:  Lunar Morning 7Animations: Urban Aly Designs "Cotton Eye Joe" Dancer
SFX: Abranimations Poi Dance Set (Ribbons) - set can also do fire, ribbons are colour change, has HUD for performing special trick moves

Outfit: Bare@Rose "Black Jump" - purple

Hair: +DV8+ Elektra Cyberfalls - Wicked Wine
Rollerskates: +DV8+ CyberJammer Skates (colour change) - both items from Twisted Hunt   Sept09 and store has sadly closed
Horns: {Rue} Horn'd/Chieftain: Winecup (ridged)
Skin: {Frick} Noir Smudged - Goth (with dark brows)
Makeup: { birdy. } - color me - purples
Eyes: Lapointe Purple eyes
Wings: Bat Wings, Large Tribal by Faerie Muse (free, full perm - I flexified and tinted them)
Tail: Dark Delights Demonic DeTail
Jewellery: Unique Needs Black Fang Vial Necklace
o.O Awesome Sauce O.o Beaded Gummibear choker & earrings


  1. I love your bright colour pinkles outfit, that's very neon but very awesome. I love the movement of the ribbons... such an awesome look!!!!!! Sorry I cant think of more to say than awesome but I'm tired... LOL I LOVE IT

  2. Rather gorgeous! I think the moon background was ideal as it allows the colour to glow. A video would be good - all that ribbon movement!

    It should really be Tyrrhenian purple as they got the shellfish from the Tyrrhenian Sea... The dye fetched fabulous sums and made the shell finders/dealers rich.

  3. your pics sure look like you had quite some fun ...
    and I always thought that all the dust on the moon would stop anyone from roller skating ... good to know I'm wrong ... *grins*
    cool idea for tyrian purple (somehow I always think it's tyrant purple)

  4. wow this is super fledge.. swinging rocking dancing in tyrean Purple.. royal dance ! and thanks for the tip about the icecream lol ;)

  5. A roller-raver disco demon... Not immediately what I thought of for this color, but it came out great! Really fun pictures :)