Sunday, 26 August 2012

Colour Challenge 35 - Feldgrau

This will be my shortest post to date. Another greeny-aqua kind of colour. I doubt I have anything close in my wardrobe, it's not the sort of thing I'd deliberately pick up, and I've no idea how it would be described by most designers. (Camouflage green?) Also I've had a tiring week and by this point in the challenge, I'm starting to get a little jaded. It reminds me of - well. What I DO have - and have been playing around with recently - results in this picture. Time for a little fun - can you spot where I'm hiding?

~ Where's Fledge ~

I actually found it really restful sitting here and contemplating beautiful scenery and the clouds moving past, like the summer we haven't had much of (and Scotland probably less so!) Often I can find tranquillity in SL where I can't in RL, and it helps to zone out a little and blunt the constant demands on my attention. Being a rock and doing absolutely nothing, with no expectations, is very soothing.

Location: Highlands of Scotland

Avatar: Grendel's Children 'Tiny Rock' (includes temprez Henge for hiding, dance HUD, wings and writing slate chat typer). 

I retinted my volcanic basalt version with a nice lichen stone texture; the volcanic rock gives off a fiery 'mist' but I think they have a mossy version that does normal fog - I just turned off particles to take the picture. It is otherwise unaltered except for cropping and border.


  1. Do we get to blow you up if we know where you're hiding? ;)

    1. NO you do not D:<
      That would be desecration of an ancient historical monument, I don't think Rudh would approve ;)

  2. LOL I LOVEEEEEE THIS AVATAR! I've always loved this avatar... This is a simple look but its just so fun that it doesn't matter!!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

  3. haha that rudh!!!.. yes she has a very good camouflage dress , i agree with Rudh. And she did become a stone while she was sitting there so peaceful and not a Rolling Stone

  4. That must indeed have been peaceful!! But no, I'm not at all sure which rock is you!!