Sunday, 5 August 2012

Colour Challenge 32 - Jonquil

We have a slight divergence in colour here - I generally use Chirag Mehta's colour wheel for easy hex and RGB colour values to make sure I can get as close as possible. For Jonquil, Chirag's shade is a lot lighter than the one Luna posted. I went with Chirag's, because the 'official' (challenge) version is almost identical to Dandelion, which we already covered. Honestly it's only a couple of values out (254, 216, 93 vs 250, 218, 94 which is a difference negligible to the human eye)  and at first I thought Luna must have grabbed the wrong colour swatch, but the discrepancy exists between different official colour charts. I've noted the value differences at the bottom of the post for anyone who is as interested as me in the quirks of the colour naming system (probably nobody ;) 

Colour discrepancies aside, this was my fastest challenge response yet! I tried my new dress first and thought yep, close enough; then had this skin in mind - perfect! - Decided to make a fairy and rummaged about for crazy hair, I have photos of the CHH3 prizes for quick reference and this one jumped out at me; finally just had to find wings, and once more, casually flipping through my wings folders, I tried on this pair and they really worked. So that was all four major pieces of my outfit at first try! Sunflower eyes and jewellery seemed a fitting necessity and at first I was going to try some shoes but decided that a fairy dancing in a meadow would have bare tippy-toes so as not to squash the flowers. I couldn't quite get the skin tone of the feet to match my skin and it shows on the pictures more than I would like, but otherwise I'm really pleased with the results. I went hunting for flower meadows and found this location very quickly, only realising after I'd done the photoshoot that it's part of one of the sims - Oubliette - I already have bookmarked for thorough exploration.

I love putting on pretty avatars and dancing in SL, so here I am, in my element in yellow, a flower fairy dancing in a summer meadow. Note that fairies make their dresses out of feathers, not petals, which is a romantic but impractical idea for tailoring.

~ Flower Fairy Summer Meadow ~

Treading light above the flowers

On fretted fairy wings

At last to rest in meadow bower, while the crickets sweetly sing

There's no place like gnome!

This last picture shows me emerging from a magic portal behind the door of a gnome's house, which leads from inside the little jewellery store to a really amazing underground cavern full of waterfalls; just one of the many surprises in Oubliette, which is an incredible place well worth a visit and a nod to the tip-jar.

~ Credits ~

Location: Wanderstill, Ode - home to Frippery Artistic Jewelry
Windlight: CaIWL

Pose: Juicy "Divinely Naughty" angel pose6

Boudoir "Yellow Dress" - secret L$100 retirement sale, may still be on sale
DragonFly Designs "Golden Sun Fairy" skin
Bare@Rose "Rainbow Bud" hair from CHH3
(N) Untamed Wings - Tranquillity class - by Neural Blankes (the T class wings are unique, so I have the only pair in this style in SL, but she sells (or sold) plenty of other beautiful wings)
SLink Jolie Pied Exotix feet
KRC Eye Sun Flower Eyes
Brat Designs Sunflower jewellery

Colour value comparisons
Luna's Jonquil #FADA5E :RGB: 250, 218, 94
Energy Yellow #F8DD5C :RGB: 248, 221, 92 - closest match on Chirag's wheel
Dandelion #FED85D :RGB: 254, 216, 93
Chirag's Jonquil #EEFF9A :RGB: 238, 255, 154 (used here)


  1. OOOOH LOVE LOVE LOVE that first picture, the location is perfect for a flower fairy, I don't think you could get more flowers in one place hehe. I've always loved Ode and you really do seem to fit right in... I think you made the right choice though going with that jonquil, though I had no luck in that tone either, but you look brilliant as always! I love your takes on the colours every time!

  2. oh i will search for that underground world there
    Wanderstill is so beautiful.. and you too!!!

  3. Really lovely. I like the flower meadow.
    The hair echoes the shape of jonquils and is very effective.
    The colour difference between the charts etc. is interesting!