Monday, 20 August 2012

Colour Challenge 34 - Russett

When I first saw this colour I thought "Russet" which is a warm reddish brown - I even double-checked by googling and on Chirag's colour wheel which is my adopted guide - so I was at a loss to explain how a nice warm brown could turn out like putty?! Then I happened to notice Russett under Russet on the wheel... why this shade, which has next to no red in it at all, has a name derived FROM red is beyond me, but at least I can stop being indignant that someone with red-green colour blindness had mislabelled  russet! I also think this is the colour you get when your kid mixes up all their plasticine/play-doh.

Anyway, not much chance of having anything russett in my inventory, I thought it was the right sort of colour for a zombie - and zombie skins I DO have aplenty. {Frick} saved the day there with a skin which was pretty close, and as I was inventory surfing I found some Nomine demos for zombie missing parts addons - they were only L$100 for the set, probably because they utilise invisiprims and won't show up if you have lighting/shadows enabled, so I couldn't resist the purchase even though not everyone will be able to see them inworld. I will use them again though. They came with a really awesome scary skin too but it was the wrong colour for the post so I used the gentler {Frick} version. Zombies can be a little bit sexy too! ;)

The location is a roleplay adventure sim with a haunted house and zombies which rez at trigger points and actually fight you (I did some clever double-click tp'ing around to avoid them). The windlight is theirs but I increased the contrast on some of my pictures rather than lose that nice horror show darkness. The sim is great fun but construction of the adventure, with clues and coded tp points, is still in progress. It also hosts some of my favourite macabre stores (Yellow Jester, Snowbound, Weather or Not) and club nights hosted by the DJ who runs Avatar Bizarre.

vV,.,Vv  In the Dead of Night vV,.,Vv




Needz teh protein for major reconstruction ;)

vV,.,Vv  Credits  vV,.,Vv

Location: Village of Nyght
Pose: Zombie: Animated by Chiri Tokugawa (free)

Rotten Toe zombie hair/dirty grave
Gala Eyes Halloween Zombie
Frick skin Bloody Decay in mud
Nomine Zombie stage 4 (mid) - invisiprim missing bits of flesh
G&G Designs Seashell gloves/pants
free underwear


  1. Oooh what a pretty Zombie you make, you look great! Could join me in Monster High looking like that hehe... Can I have your hand when it falls off for my collection please? Maybe if I shake your hand it might come off faster? LOL Looking good, and miss you so I'll try to catch up with you at some point!

  2. "I also think this is the colour you get when your kid mixes up all their plasticine/play-doh." LOL, speaking from experience I guess? :)

    Anyway, I'm not sure your brainz diet is doing much for your complexion. Perhaps you should try some tofu? ;)

    1. lol! Tofu, yech! Funnily enough IRL I'm a vegetarian, and I do eat a lot of Quorn which is a kind of mushroom protein.

      The plasticine is speaking from my own experience, I must bug my son like some crazed OCD nazi about keeping his play doh separate so it doesn't mess up the colours. It's getting old now so I should let him experiment then we can get new softer stuff when it's totally dead. ZOMBIE PLAYDOH...

  3. This is a first for me - thinking of zombies and pretty/sexy in the same sentence... Though Piers Antony had some very loving zombies in one of his books. A very imaginative use of a rather weird colour! Well done!

    1. Remember the zombie episode on series 2 of Being Human? That was an amazing episode. It made me laugh, cry and creeped me out all in the same ep. Not that she was especially sexy even when she was alive, but the idea was in there - she just wanted to go out and have a good time. I thought it was a really original take on zombies. I still have to watch series 3...