Monday, 26 November 2012

Colour Challenge 48 - Tangelo

A tangelo is a fruit, a hybrid of a mandarine orange and a grapefruit. It is also an incredibly vivid orange and sounds enough like 'tango' to conjure images of dancing. I have been wanting to post pictures of my phoenix avatar ever since I got these ultra awesome mesh wings after the Fantasy Faire, and this post actually gave me the opportunity of spicing her up a bit so that I am rather wowed by the effect, if I do say so myself! Did I mention that orange, in particular the fiery oranges, is my favourite colour? Well I think this post shows it. 

I also found a fantastic photo and rp setting, and while I was taking my pictures a group of warriors were holding a mass battle in the amphitheatre behind me - I wonder if they guessed their tournament was blessed by the presence of a Phoenix? ;) - I would have taken all the pictures against the beautiful palace, but the sunlight fell the other way and the details came out much better turned around. Still, I have included one so you can see the palace, and all the camels lined up outside. 

I love the effect of my new AO with the wings and the silks, and I took a lot of pictures and decided to combine some of them in panels to show a sense of movement. These are really rather awesome silks because they have dense multiple flexi layers and move very sensually. I love the way good silks are exotic and alluring, but I also like being able to wear them on avatars which don't scream 'Gorean submissive', since I am something of a polar opposite! If anybody tried to capture my phoenix... well, they'd better be wearing asbestos body armour.

Oh, and... Katlien said I should put a warning on this post, in case I give anyone a heart attack ;) Which is a good time to point out you can't see my nipples. Honestly! They are covered with pasties as well as the jewel dangles. The texture just blends rather well... and appears to have an extremely good 3D effect. Seriously, the skin itself is incredibly detailed and I -had- to cover up the nipples, they were rather striking. In at least one picture I suppose they still are... oh well!

{..P..}  Desert Phoenix Dancing  {..P..}

{..P..}  Credits  {..P..}

Location: The Great Persian Empire ~ 'Immortals' combat sim

AX-001 Basically Girl AO and Juicy 'Divinely Naughty' Angel pose 6 (pics #1, 5, 6centre)

Calico Creations Hair ~ Amber Fire
House of Ruin {Rue} Gemstone Eyes ~ Quartz, Orange, Night
NikitaFride Skin ~ Plot series ~ Ambition
europa nyxus wings ~ phoenix (mesh)
Flame Elemental particles by Cephyroth Mavendorf (2 attachments only)
Tekeli-li Alluvium jewellery* (mesh)
Fallingwater Flowers rose
SilentSparrow pumpkin gutter glitter pasties
Misterious! Fire Silks bottom

SLink Jolie Pied Exotix clawed feet

The hair was my first purchased flexi hairstyle and I still love it, for the texture and colours.
*Please note: the jewellery set includes headpiece, necklace, bracelets and earrings. I copied and rearranged some of these to other parts of the body since I wasn't wearing much else!


  1. WOW I love the pictures in this colour set... You look amazing, I think on the pretty scale these have to be my favourite photos of your colour challenge series yet. The movement of those wings on your arms is just awesome, thank heavens for mesh... One more thing, EARRINGS ON YOUR NIPPLES!!! YAY!

  2. LOL I'm not sure trying to hide your nipple works very well when there are earrings on them;) But those wings are awesome!

  3. That's really pretty, and I love the wings! You're right about the whole thing needing movement to show it off properly but the panels did a good job in that respect - better than just a series of stills.