Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Colour Challenge 19 - Pueblo


I'm a smidgeon late with this post because I had a bad week; fell out with one of my best friends and ended up having to move home and set up a new land parcel. I think we're friends again but a certain silly kitty has ended up homeless :P So for a lot of the week I was seriously considering wearing SSUS 'My Shoes Are Sh*t' to illustrate my mood.

I couldn't believe it when this colour came up, I'd been laughing with Rudh over last year's run of poo browns - as she calls them - and when the first brown popped up this time around, I instantly thought, POOeblo! It's just that little bit too light and red for chocolate, or mud... and the best match in my wardrobe was a really horrible latex body suit that frankly made me look as though I'd been rolling in something I shouldn't. So I refused to wear it, but then everything else called 'chocolate' was too dark. Finally I started trying on all my brown clothes in random desperation and had a great surprise, so finally an outfit came together that I could feel pretty in - because to me, an important factor of this challenge is making outfits I can feel comfortable in and go about SL with my head held high. Lastly I needed a location, and wanted to find somewhere with chocolate - search was very obliging for once and would you believe I found:


Blueberry Chocolate Falls
How d'you like them apples?
Lazing among the candy canes
Posing with an Oompa Loompa
I have to say, taking these pictures really made me want - no, not chocolate, but a Mudslide cocktail! (I posed with one a little more than you can see here but it only made it into one shot.) I subsequently discovered that a Mudslide doesn't contain anything chocolatey. Oh well!


Outfit: Digit Darkes - Autumn Tulle skirt - Scotch
PurpleMoon - Fusion Top - Sienna
Adam n Eve Ankle Boots - Stompi - Mud
Autumn Manicure Gloves - by Star Sleestak

Accessories: PurpleMoon - Cubics II Jewellery Set - In the Fall
Lemania Indigo - Chocolate Turkey - Bangles
Cocktail - MMM Mudslide Wowie!! - by Mistress Midnight (full perms)
[ lurveBite ] - Bitten Toast Bread - Chocolate Love

Avatar: Hair - Crimson + Clover - Strawberry Sydney - Mahogany (store closed)
{Frick} - Autumn's Fell - sugar skin & eyes


  1. EEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH CHOCOLATEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Better than poop but yea Poobelo sounds about right, maybe it was misspelt!!! I love these pics and you do make a very scary Willy Wonka... Shame Johnny Depp isnt there with you but Looking good in a poop shade all the same hehe

  2. Pooeblo?! LOL I'll never look at that color the same way again. You look like you had quite a bit of fun while taking pictures :)

  3. Awesome looking outfit you put together, and looks like you had a blast at the chocolate factory :)

  4. Dunno about apples but you got a nice pair! bada-bum-tsh I'm here all week.
    Seriously though, you made a good presentation out of as you say a dire colour choice.