Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Colour Challenge 20 - Deep Pink

Happy birthday Luna! =^.^=

This was a really easy colour, even though pink is not in my usual repertoire, because I remembered a very distinctive sari on one of the library avatars. I thought at the time, that's a lovely sari, pity it's pink - so I'm glad I could make use of it after all. Then I wanted to be a tiger, because of course tigers are from India, and I do have a tiger patterned neko skin, but to be honest it's not very good - so I opted for my serval avatar instead. Servals are from Africa, but I think this avatar could just as easily be an Asian leopard cat (Felis bengalensis) - so I made the tail longer and thicker, and a leopard cat it shall be. It could also be a South American margay. Small spotted cat species are very similar, and in fact the whole Feline order is so closely related that they can all interbreed. Asian leopard cats are, indeed, bred with domestic cats to produce a popular and gorgeously patterned breed called the Bengal. Which I want :3

Having put together probably the fastest outfit so far, I looked for an Indian themed location to take photos, and once again search proved that Second Life has it all! I was instantly attracted to a location boasting the Taj Mahal, and found it a very pretty parcel with lots of photo opportunities and scenic snuggle spots to explore. The buildings are gorgeous and the grounds are full of exotic plants and animated cranes, peacocks and even a tiger. I met the owner too, very friendly and helpful; she comes from my side of the pond, and hosts club nights for the European schedule, from 12-3 SLT - I look forward to going, as the downside to many clubs is that they operate on an American schedule and events are far too late for me to attend.

oOo Deep Pink oOo

Magnolia Meditation

Gardens of the Taj Mahal

The Minaret Kata

My Stripey Cousin

oOo Credits oOo

Windlight: CB's Rouge 2

Avatar: Aventity limited edition serval
Outfit: Female Bollywood from library (sari, shoes, hair & jewellery*)
Sensations nails 

*except my L&E armbands


  1. Namaste! :) . A very apt choice for the colour and looks amazing. I do like the feline twist to the av along side the actual thing. Another astounding job there, intelligent and scenic.

  2. The avatar library, now that is good thinking. I always forget I have one :) And a beautiful location! Job well done.

  3. I love how that sari matches the pink in the magnolia, these are some stunning shots sissypoo. I think that a Tiger Print under the sari might have detracted from the prettiness because that would have been a major clash it would seem, yet the Serval avi gives it something! I love your posts they are always so pretty and interesting! *hugs*

  4. Really lovely scenery!! I like the way the pink of your sari complements the slightly warmer pink of the sky. The use of a 'girly' colour with a fierce cat is great.

  5. "Pink it's my new obsession..." as Steve Tyler says ^.~
    Great matching of the colours and sky setting, I really love the feline avatar who is very asian as the scenery!