Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Colour Challenge 21 - Lemon Chiffon

Margaritas at the Beach

This week's colour is the perfect match to my own skin - so you get to see the Real Me for the very first time! (Well, the anthro Real Me - my Trueform is a dragon, and you'll have to wait for gold to come up to see that.) Because the skin is the match for this week, I wanted to wear as little as possible, and not being the risque type, I opted for a day on the beach. I found a gorgeous swimsuit which I'd forgotten I own, with a patterned overlay on shirt and pants, all layers tintable so it can be any colours you like. The rest was accessorising for the beach!

Drinks on the beach #1

Drinks on the beach #2


The outfit was pretty easy; the reason this post is so late is that the first night of the photoshoot, the sim owner's dog Ozzy came and found me - it must be lonely, poor thing - and sat at my feet right in the way of the camera. 

Colour certified by the Dulux Dog!

I had a couple of friends with me and one of them has a recurring attachment issue where body parts seem to drop off randomly and float around in midair - so halfway through shooting, I realised that I was sharing the couch with a floating orange kitty ear! Very bizarre. I also forgot to put on my sunglasses, and my nails did that very annoying thing prim nails sometimes do and got all dislocated from my fingers, which I didn't realise until I went through the photos afterwards. Not to mention the animated couch pose kept emptying my drink over my knees and what with the FS4.0 camera error of not actually refreshing the shot on save, motion shoots take a lot longer to accomplish. So a whole reel of film (as it were) was completely useless, though it was all a pretty good giggle. We reckoned the dog had listen scripts for monitoring chat, regardless of which it must be a plaguey nuisance for romantic couples! 

Dog aside, the location is gorgeous, a whole island sim of sandy beaches, romantic cuddle-spots, flower decked waterfalls, rolling surf, a pirate lair and even a jet-ski you can take out! (I don't think jet-skis are supposed to run on land, are they? Or through trees... shh, don't tell the owner ;) 

Eagles Island Paradise

Not many people seem to go there so it's lovely and quiet, and seems to make money from the tip jars discreetly disguised as flamingos. The location is adult, but the poseballs seem designed more for relaxation and romantic cuddling than graphic sex, though I didn't investigate closely and there were areas marked off for BDSM roleplay; but you wouldn't know going by appearance. For a sex marketed sim, it was lovely and unspoilt, and the few comments in the guest book suggested that most visitors come for a romantic, secluded getaway.

Some more pics:

Drinks in the shade

Soft focus


*ADULT* location: Eagles Island
Windlight: Default, early morning, just before you lose that mellow sunrise glow

Skin by Ferryn Myriam (she made a few colours, don't know if she still has a shop)
Makeup: KOSH Metallic Eyeshadow Sweet Lips combi - Gold (kindly customised for me when my computer wouldn't support a V2 viewer and I could only wear 1 makeup layer)
Horns modded from Isle of Wyrms Shadow wyrmling
Hair: <DK> Effie - Black Tiger (modded to fit hat)
Eyes: *aN* Pop Star Cat Eyes Sunny Yellow
   & Alady Island prim lashes
XCite! Fangs
Own shape and tail

::69:: SunflowerHat white
Male Party avatar sunglasses (from library)
AW Design Galaxy Spiral swim costume (from back in 2007 when it was Kiss me Quick!)
L&E armbands, own bellyring
Sensations nails
::69:: Beach Sandals - Candy (colour change)

Glass of Margarita by Kitchen Korner


  1. Such a lovely set of photos, looks like you had fin on the beach... Kinda jealous just how easy this one was I mean ok it wasn't when you had to accessorise but really, the skin could have worked on its own and the additions just make a great combination... What a brilliant look to wear on the beach!

  2. Sounds like a great location. And your skin is really striking :)

  3. Sounds like a fascinating place to spend time with or without a companion (or a dog...)!

    Pretty swimsuit and hat! Lovely pics that conjure up sea and sun for the viewer, whatever the weather/time of day.