Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Bicentennial Edward Lear!

Google informed us that yesterday was the 200th anniversary of Edward Lear, a famous English writer known for his whimsical nonsense poetry, probably the most well known being the rhyme "The Owl and the Pussycat" with which Google illustrated their logo. When I saw the news I just had to make a post, because I have an awesome hat that commemorates the poem. Unfortunately I'm a day late because I was out for most of the day and spent the rest of the time building a beautiful pea green boat (no, I cannot ever make things easy for myself!) 

I had a partial build sitting in my inventory since I took a building class six years ago, but I could never work out how to make a mirror copy of the 'swan wing' side of the boat, so it languished and was forgotten until now. I like building and I'd like to think I'm passably good at it, but prim torture really hurts my brain. Spatial reasoning and geometry are my weakest skills and I'd honestly rather tackle quantum physics. Anyway, it turns out that in addition to her many and varied talents, my pet Katlien is a better builder than me, and she was able to solve the swan wing puzzle inside 5 minutes and help me finish my boat! \o/ 

Outfits didn't take long to fix - in her space cat form, Katlien would have been a perfect pea green match, but I don't have an owl and anyway with the hat and the boat I didn't really need to belabour the theme. I decided to complement the fantasy element instead and wore my amazing dragon mask from Illusions while Katlien knelt at my side as a beautiful virgin princess. Every dragon has to capture a princess, you know! I would have liked to add trees and a pig but time was against me, so I went with what I had. [I would add here that I'm not going to marry my princess. I don't think my husband would approve.]

Thanks to Katlien, for being the most helpful and talented pet I've ever had the honour of calling my own; Rivin Kirkorian who ran excellent building classes at Teazer University and designed the original boat; Saraid Dalglish for making the most amazing hats and selling them cheaply for the first week they're out, so that people like me can afford them (I must own half her store!); Norton Burns for showing me the beautiful windlight setting; and Uchi Desmoulins for a great sandbox with sea and islands which made the perfect place to build and shoot in limited time. Nobody wants to be messing about with pose balls in a place with short term rez. Especially with midnight on the horizon.

The Owl and the Pussycat
or, the Dragon and the Princess

My beautiful pea green boat :)

Pleasure cruise with a captive princess

Mad Hattery owl & pussycat hat!


Location: Curious Inc. Sandbox (build rights for group members only)
Windlight: Sky [NB]-MistyDay-8am and water [NB] Hidden Depths

My Outfit: 
Mad Hattery 'The Owl and the Pussycat' Hat
Illusions ~ Draco mask and Egyptian 'Isis' jewellery & foot thongs
sf design 'malakira' gold silks
Grendel's Children ~ 7 Deadly Sins ~ 'Greed' avatar horns & wings
Adam n Eve Fantasy Golden Scales

Katlien's Outfit: (red dress & flowers)
D!va > 30,000 group member celebration gift (all gifts are still available in store if you join the group)


  1. So pretty... You and Katlien make a fab Owl and the Pussycat Pair! YAY YOU FINISHED THE BOAT woot!!!

  2. The boat is gorgeous. The hat is great. For the other pic, I think I need to see it larger because I can't make out any details...!

  3. Do we look good?....your imagination always amaze me=^.~=