Friday, 20 July 2012

Colour Challenge 29 - Persian Rose

I thought I wouldn't be able to do this week as I'm frankly astonished I've managed to dig 5 different pinks out of my inventory already and this shade is so similar to Deep Pink that I knew I didn't have anything else that would work. Then Katlien found a dollarbie bazaar with mesh dresses and I thought I might as well check it out and found a pretty dress with the mid-section in exactly the right shade! The shoe match was easy, I pretty quickly found a skin with pink makeup, then I wanted to choose interesting hair to make a character avatar. While looking through old CAHH (Crazy Ass Hair Hunt) folders, I stumbled over this MADusa snake hair and the grey goes great with the skin, so voila! party Gorgon in her pretty dress. I just needed eyes, safety glasses and then a location/theme. I vaguely recalled some kind of mesh statue/sculpture store from a recent hunt, but had no idea -which- hunt, or the name of the store, or even what item I had found. (My inventory is like a black hole crossed with a lost property office. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if my inventory spawned L-space.) Anyway while trawling through various nested hunt folders, I stumbled across this awesome steampunk guitar, and since I've wanted to showcase my Cheeky Pea dance gazebo for some time, decided to combine the two for my own location shoot. 

So without more ado, please welcome our next performer tonight, the lovely and incredibly talented Maddie with her one-girl, many-snake act "Medusa", playing the best in Steamrock this side of New Babbage:-

$$ Medusa On-stage $$

The screams and cheering are deafening as she walks on-stage, loud enough for the vibrations to disturb her snakes, which writhe and hiss under the hot lights. She stops, tilting her head so that she almost seems to stare at the audience over her tinted glasses; a practised gesture, and illusory, for she can never allow her gaze to slip past their lead-crystal shield. She hefts her guitar and the noise dies away, until the whole audience seems to hold its breath and the gentle susurration of her hair is the only sound. Slowly she lays her hand on the strings and her self-powered electric guitar thrums to life. A pause, a collective indrawn breath, and she is off, playing to an adoring crowd. Her serpents twine and nod to the rhythm of her swaying dance step and the glitter balls throw snake-scale patterns across the floor. Her fans are hypnotised; but not remotely ossified, they wave and cavort and stamp to the music; and not a single person realises the truth, that her stage persona is not a costume.

$$ Credits $$

Soap Co. MADusa hair from CAHH2 (2011)
Frick Sugar Doll in Noir (promotional demo)
Nomine Contacts - Cracked Orbs
Glasses by Teravus Ousley (full-perm)
Brat Designs barbwire jewellery
U.One Paradise mini-dress (cheated purchase again but L$1!)
Blossom shoes - Passion Pink Mono Chained
Awesome Designs Hot Pink manicure (glove layer)
Land of Nodd Steampunk Tesla Guitar (hunt prize)
Cheeky Pea Crosswinds Gazebo Stage

This stage is awesome. I got it for L$188 or something at Collabor88 and the lights and glitterballs create a realistic, moving pattern of dots and stars on the stage floor. You do need to enable lighting/shadows for the effect to work, but you can always switch shadows off for more computational power. Since my computer upgrade I have been wandering around with full graphics and absolutely loving it. I have always hated facelights and even moreso with lighting and shadows, which creates so many interesting and realistic effects, but I do occasionally use one (as in this post) for a spotlight effect during night shoots.


  1. ROCK ON MADUSA WHOOOOOOOOOO... *coughs* lol sorry was at a gig in my mind then LOL! You look great, I love the way that you and I can both pull crazy hair out when we need it! I'd forgotten the snake one though, looks fab on you and you really wear the guitar well hehe... Bit like a Madusa crossed with my 90s cartoon hero Jem! Maybe I'll get Hell to dress up in something monstrous and come provide you with some bass guitar hehe!!! You look awesome... ROCK ON!!!

  2. hi Fledge!
    I only just now found your recent comments on my blog! You made a great Persian Rose ant the piece you wrote at the end is so cool, love how you set the mood to the whole thing (not to mention the L-space LOL)

    1. P.S. I think we use the same software for picture borders :P

    2. Thank you ^^ I don't always get time to look around the other blogs as much as I'd like so sometimes I end up commenting late and catching up on a bunch of posts at once. I use Macromedia Fireworks which has an addition called 'Alien Skin Splat LE', I have fun doing the borders to try to get a matching effect for the mood of the post :)