Monday, 23 July 2012

Colour Challenge 30 - Aqua Island


When I put this outfit together, the hair at first made me think of an angrier kind of creature, a storm witch perhaps. But my face is too sweet natured without an expression pose and the location I found was too beautiful and serene to evoke storms. This year, the UK has had one of the most dismal (if not wettest) summers on record, due to an unfortunate kink in the jet stream, and where I live it has rained just about every day for two months - longer than the biblical 40 days! A dancing rain spirit therefore seems a most appropriate avatar for this post. I hope by posting pretty pictures I will appease her and bring some much needed sunshine. On Sunday we had our annual family outing at a children's adventure theme park and the weather was absolutely gorgeous - this was after I'd put together the look but before the photoshoot, so I'll take it that she is pleased with my efforts. Today is mixed cloud and sun so I thought I'd better get posting!

Water Dancer
While shooting the pictures, I was thinking of one of my favourite pieces of music, Enya's 'Storms in Africa' but after finding this video on YouTube, I linked to another compilation where the poster has put Enya's 'Book of Days' (another of my favourites) as the soundtrack to Disney's 'Firebird' from Fantasia 2000. The tempo of the music really fits the action as though they were made for eachother and it is an amazing experience, much better (if you like Enya at any rate) than the original to my mind! The video is also very fitting to a rain (or nature) spirit.

Conjuring the Clouds
I must apologise that it looks as though I'm showing my nipples. I promise I'm not - I was very careful to adjust the raindrops of my necklace to cover the area, unfortunately, at this resolution, the raindrops just look like what they are hiding instead... I couldn't find a way to fix it without messing up the photos and anyway she's only dancing, it's not in the least a sexual pose, so I think we can all live with the result as adults ;)

Kissing the Raindrops

Cupping the Rain


Windlight: Alchemy Immortalis - Fog Lifting; Water [TOR] Liz Taylor
Location: Fruit Islands Tropical Rainforest

Poses: ANIMAH AO Flying Down & spinning (#1)
Striking Poses Jean Harlow (#2)
Striking Poses Kiss the Frog (#3-4)

JASstore JewelDrops Aquamarine Rain Particles
Gala skin & eyes - Halloween - Smoke
YIPs belly teardrops, necklace, waterdrop short ruban & pants
Alli&Ali Designs crazy magician hair (from CAHH2)
ni.ju tintable white claws
SLink Exotix Jolie Pied Flat Feet


  1. Such a pretty look, love how we both went with water spirits and they turned out so differently hehe, you have some amazing movement going on with that hair and I think it perfectly captures the drama of a rainstorm! Well a proper rainstorm at least, not the kind of drizzly crap we sometimes suffer through! LOVE IT!

  2. Aww Fledge very pretty, and it sounds like it worked! She's so soft and sweet she can't possibly be angry. It poured here for ages too...