Monday, 30 July 2012

Colour Challenge 31 - Wales

I have been wanting to make a post about my dryad for so long, now finally I get the chance! This is one of my favourite and continually evolving avatars. Sometimes she has a woody, bark skin and autumn foliage so depending on the colour choices, she may turn up again... This is the summer version, and I found a really beautiful location for my photoshoot. I'm a huge Tolkien fan and I think the builders have captured the essence of Lothlorien (the elven city in the trees) perfectly. Here I represent the spirit of the largest Mallorn which holds aloft the royal court; without the cooperation of the dryads, the elves could not make such beautiful tree homes.

~ Dancing Dryad ~

Sylvan Queen





~ Credits ~

LocationLothlorien Forest (just after sunset)
Sin Skins ~ Etheria ~ Epimelia
The Stringer Mausoleum ~ Swansong ~ Mane & Eyes of Earth (ltd. ed.)
Grendel's Children ~ Dryad ~ Branches and leafy drapes
Fallen Gods Inc. ~ Arboreal ~ Tree feet & leg additions (yes I have toadstools)
KOSH ~ Maplewood Smith necklace
Ivy pants/shirt ~ SL wasn't letting me see who created them but they are freebies & trans.


  1. You look awesome!!! I love this picture set, the location is just gorgeous, and the dryad fits right in... though I hope you didn't leave it like you left our skybox the other day HEHE!

  2. Wow the person who made that location certainly had too much time on his hands! It's really beautiful though.

    Awesome pictures and like Rudh said, you really fit in well :)

  3. That's really lovely, enhanced by the gorgeous setting!

    I think I'm up to date on your posts now and have enjoyed them all though this comment will have to be enough!!

  4. wow Fledge.. i am little bit late with my comment.. but i want say your pictures are beautiful.. love your dryad