Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Punk Rock and Monster Mounts

I should blog more besides the colour challenge, I just never seem to find the time with looking after a small boy all day. Recently I was made aware of a huge jewellery sale at Finesmith (some kind of rebranding exercise, not quite sure what was going on really) but I had a huge disappointment - I found about L$1K worth of stuff I really wanted (and that's at sale prices!!) but dithered because to me that's still a lot of money. The sale was meant to be running til the end of the month so I thought I had plenty of time. Turns out, the sale ended on the 14th (how is that anywhere near 'end of the month'?!) and SL managed to stop me getting all 3 group notices about it :S I was so upset I went checking other group notices to see what I might be missing out on, and promptly took advantage of two secret sales at Boudoir (L$100 each for retiring dresses!) then could not resist their Vivienne Westwood Tribute creation which is a fantastic Sex Pistols outfit with the Union Jack, huge skirt panels, shoulder holster bra and mesh corset (and ripped tights). That wasn't on sale, so among all these new purchases I managed to blow nearly the whole grand I'd been saving for Finesmith, but hey, RETAIL THERAPY!!! Also Finesmith? Your loss, learn to advertise properly :P I might still pick up the odd thing from there but at their regular prices there's no way I'll be getting everything I had my eye on.

Two lions and a punk rocker

I went to Little Britain to photograph my dress, and was immediately attracted to a side shop apparently filled with alien dinosaur skeletons... When everything rezzed properly I fell a little bit (well a lot) in love. Unfortunately I'm not L$1500 per mount in love (where in heck would I ride them? Though 'everywhere and I'm not getting off' springs to mind...) but in a world where everyone seems to have a virtual horse, this line really caters to people like me :3

Friends bear these critters in mind if you ever feel like getting me an awesome present ^.~

Outfit credits: 
Boudoir Sex Pistols outfit from Vivienne Westwood Tribute event (L$650)
Lovely Mi Westwood Contrast Eyeshadow (also from the event, only L$80, various colour combinations available but I went for black/white - the white eye is hidden by my hair)
DemotiK 'Demonology' bone tipped ankle boots (hunt prize)
<DK> Effie hair - Cherry Blue

Yay I did a non-colour challenge post! \o/

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  1. YAY for the non colour challenge post and why am I not surprised about you being distracted by alien dinosaur skellies... I LOVE this dress, I wanted one too but to be honest I think you wear it better than I ever could, it's a little bit too covered up for Rudh style LOL and I don't quite have the same flair for awesome dresses as you do!!! This IS AWESOME!!!! GOD SALE THE "GOLD DRAGON" QUEEN - Maybe we should get Johnny Rotten to change the lyrics!