Saturday, 1 September 2012

Colour Challenge 36 - Hot Cinnamon

Orange again! My favourite colour (and I love cinnamon too, mmm). I put items together from three of my favourite stores to make this week's outfit. I knew I would have just the right shade among my PurpleMoon dresses and then I wanted to use my new Illusions wings, but as I was setting up the shot I hit on the notion of holding a giant eyeball - you know, the way you do! - and that reminded me that I have an avatar with orange wings absolutely covered in eyes. Which are much more kickass than the single pair. So sorry Illusions, not this week. 

I found the location quite by chance, looking for temples, and I liked both the colour scheme and the alien fieriness of it. I think it looks like the home world, or elemental plane, for my avatar. Fire equates to revelation (because of the light) and justice (because of the flames) and so with the addition of the eyes I think she is some kind of angelic Sentinel, watching out for and punishing transgressors - or trespassers! Maybe she is the Guardian of the Gateways into the Elemental Plane of Fire, the burning portals shown in the first image. If you want to travel through this realm you must know how to placate the Sentinel! (Cinnamon buns work nicely ;)

<O> Sentinel Spirit <O>

Sentinel of Fire

Eternal Vigilance

Don't get this close without payment!

<O> Credits <O>

Location: Delestra by MayLou Designs - has some kind of adventure quest I didn't do (yet)

Striking Poses 'Angel of Peace' commemorative pose (with own animated eyeball)

PurpleMoon 'Ra' Gown in Orange, inc. necklace (exclusive but other colours available in store)
Bare@Rose 'Cherubim' Avatar wings and halo
{Rue} Gemstone Eyes ~ Quartz Orange/Jewel
{Rue} Cabal Skin 'Raven & the Sun' (earth tone) - exclusive
Calico Creations hair 'Amber Fire' (my favourite hair, I -love- the colours)
Bewildebeest Hypatia Triune in gold (bracelet, earrings) - store closed


  1. Definitely your colour! More cinnamon than orange, perhaps? But maybe that's just in the blog version. I'll have to see the big screen pics some time.

    I like the idea of the sentinel and of using cinnamon buns as an offering. *g*

  2. Wow those wings are amazing! Even if I had cinnamon buns with me, Id still be slightly scared :)

  3. oh my goodness.. are this Fledges fantasies ? :) this is so super.. i am flabbergasted it.

  4. Wow... I am glad I found some time to see this look on you, a very Fledgeish look but carried off with the usual grace and panache that makes your style so uniquely gorgeous. The colour was made for a Fledge wardrobe hehe!!!