Sunday, 30 September 2012

Beatriz shape by Ygrey Auer

Ygrey is one of my fellow Colour Challenge posters, and she makes shapes. The other day she gave me one of her new shapes and asked me to try it with a different skin! So I decided I would try the shape out with my usual kind of style (she knows my blog after all, she couldn't be expecting a normal human in jeans *g*)

Beatriz is quite a tall, slender shape, almost mannish (like a model) but with enough curves at breast and hip and a very feminine face with large lips. I chose the skin first because this was quite a difficult exercise. Obviously I choose skins which suit my own features, and they are quite different from Beatriz, especially the lips which are much thinner. Eventually I found this pretty Pixeldolls skin whose lips stretch nicely to fit (found in my inventory, I mean; I bought the tone pack a while ago at a sale). I decided to set her off with an elegant party gown to complement the shape and my new mesh hair in colours to complement the skin makeup, and added my favourite flower tattoo. Because I'd already toyed with this gown in a different outfit, I added the horns and ears for that distinctive 'Fledge' look. A friend said 'you look like some kind of demon-fairy cross' which is pretty accurate - only dragon, not demon! Then I decided that the colour scheme was perfectly suited to my own castle. I have to say I do like this shape, in this style of dress (she'd be too thin for me in a shorter skirt or pants) but since I always wear my own shape, I won't be switching.

Closeup - me on left, Beatriz on right


Pose: Striking Poses Jessica Alba 3 (Play me Softly)

Beatriz shape by Ygrey Auer
elikatira hair 'Listen' - red 05 (mesh)
{Rue} Horn'd/Scholar: Nymph (tinted)
Pixeldolls skin Ichigo .c. Bronze (Light Tones)
White Widow Face Tattoo 'Travel' Pearl/Brown w/o eyeshadow
Schadenfreude Widowed Fey Ears (w/o spiders) - HUD colour driven
FTL Eyelashes C01 Natural (HUD driven fit & pattern)
the eyes refused to divulge the creator... they were my first set of eyes in SL :)

On my shape, I wore my usual Alady Island free lashes which are painstakingly fitted to my face, and the addition of some Dead Apples contour blush (brown mid) which I purchased after I'd taken the Beatriz shots, because Rudh posted about a set of Horror Haute eyes they had for sale and I had to go and rifle the entire store... I got the eyes and I think 4 sets of makeup!

PurpleMoon Lourdes gown in nude
Shenlei Flasheart 1890 Flexi Floozie Feather (black)
GaNKeD Black Sherbet Bracelets & Earrings

I don't know where the FTL eyelashes came from, they just turned up at the top of my inventory objects folder... I even checked my transactions to be sure I hadn't bought them by accident. They didn't even show up as a free transfer. Ghost eyelashes!

As always, if you can't find a store inworld, let me know and I'll help you find it, if I can. All of these stores are current except for Shenlei Flasheart who seems to have moved onto new enterprises since she made the period clothes I bought years ago. And I'm not at all sure Pixeldolls still makes skins.


  1. Wow I love this shape on you, it's totally different and the lips are a bit more pouty but when you wanna shake things up a little with the shapes I think this will be a great one for you to use!
    As for the outfit... Vintage Fledge - stunning and classic with a draconic fae twist hehe!!! The kinda outfits I'm sure our mum would have worn LOL!

  2. An interesting look! I had to click on full size to see the differences between the 'twins' - subtle but definite! The make-up is beautiful.

  3. Thanks dear, It's very helpful.
    You're very pretty but I still prefer your shape with this skin :p