Sunday, 30 September 2012

Colour Challenge 40 - Amaranth

^V^ Amaranth ^V^

By some strange quirk of fate, I have chosen a vampire for both pinky-reds to come up in the challenge so far - although this shade is much pinker than Cadmium Red. The only reason I vamped out this time was because I had just stumbled upon a fantastic vampire skin by Chaos, Panic, Disorder. I didn't know the store - I just thought I'd try a couple of hunt stops and liked the sound of the store name on the list. When I got there, I saw these skins, which come with a shape (I used my own) and prim ears, for a very low price. I am a huge Buffy fan and this skin is very reminiscent of the vampires on Buffy and Angel, with that scary predator vibe that most vampires just don't pull off (everyone is too used to the sight of fangs). The store is really worth checking out for their other items, some winter ice skins and lots of gorgeous gothic jewellery at fantastic prices.

I don't have too much pink stuff in my hoard - I have said this before - so the dress was a welcome discovery. I have no idea where it came from, as the creator doesn't list a store on her profile any more. The lace at the hem was pink, but not quite the right shade, so I admit I tinted that a little, and I actually prefer the dress with this warmer shade to how it was originally. I had to reuse the shoes I wore for Persian Rose, because the dress cried out for this style of pumps and - again - pink issues... Accessorising for the cute pink!goth!vampire was a cinch, with a mod hat whose feathers I could tint, and finally I got to wear my new mesh hair from elikatira - they were having a 70% sale and I bought two styles and a fat pack of boots, because I couldn't decide on the colour, which made me feel both guilty (14 pairs of boots!!) and accomplished (for the price of 1, or 2 at the cheapest comparison). I tried tinting the hair entirely pink but it looked far too much like a bubblegum Barbie, so then I tried tinting the mesh faces with the very happy result pictured.

Finally I wandered around looking for a suitable photo location as always... There is a whole region called Vampire on the mainland, between the regions Good and Evil. You can imagine the sorts of builds residents in this area have made. In fact it was amusing, because vampires, lycans, humans and hobbits were all sandwiched in together and I can imagine some pretty intense turf wars going on, though everything seemed very orderly and serene. I loved this set of ruins in somebody's back garden, not quite a graveyard but it has the same sort of feel a vampire would find homely, and the poppies were a wonderful bonus, almost the same shade as the challenge colour! It's impossible to see anything properly at night, let alone take decent photographs, so my vampire had to venture out into the light of day - but she kept to the shadows and used her magic Skelebrella to keep the sun off. And besides, sunlight is a lot less damaging to vampires than rumour has it... ask Dean Winchester if you don't believe me! (You really can. He's my RP alt ;)

^V^ Credits ^V^

Location: House of Belvedere in Good (private parcel owned by PennyWise Bracula, visitors seemingly welcome as there was a tip-jar)

Windlight: Magic Hour

Striking Poses Lisa Kudrow (dollarbie) pose

Chaos, Panic, Disorder ~ Lady Nosferatu skin & ears (Sepulchral)
MIASNOW eyes ~ Raptor pink
elikatira hair ~ Thrive ~ white 05 (tinted)
Schadenfreude ~ Fangs tattoo

MS ~ 'Lily Doll' dress by Shelly Toonie (no store on profile)
Burning Chrome ~ Mr Skully topper
Schadenfreude ~ Vitalle necklace & earrings (HUD colour change)
Haunted ZuZu (MaterialSquirrel) ~ Black Butterfly Dress Gloves (discontinued line)
B@R ~ Spider Dress Gloves
Awesome Designs ~ Salmon Manicure
Blossom ~ Passion Pink Mono-Chained pumps
Weather or Not ~ Bejewelled Skelebrella from Taxidermia event @ FLUX

Yes, I am wearing three pairs of gloves. I loved how the butterflies on the Haunted Zuzu dress gloves look like bats. I'm afraid that Material Squirrel has decided to concentrate on wings though and I got her entire dress line on sale a few months ago, which was awesome!


  1. I re-used my shoes as well for this one :) I think you managed to pull off the pink goth look very well!

    The necklace is a nice touch too. Eternal life, indeed!

  2. I love the Skelebrella!! The poppies are perfect with the rest of the outfit and background, and they suggest opium and other drugs as well as blood and war whilst being pretty!

  3. Eeeh I love that close up of your face shot bestest hehe You look scary whilst somewhat bubblegum pop! I think it has a lot to do with the lolita feeling of the dress... The skelebrella is freaking awesome and that pose of you with the poppies in the background is just gorgeous!!! While I've seen you as a vampire on many occasions I am happy to be able to say you pull off the bubblegum pop vampire variety very well too hehe!