Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Colour Challenge 39 - Hunter Green

This was one of those weeks where everything seemed to come together for an awesome post. I seem to have a lot of luck with the greens, which is funny because it's much more a RL than SL colour for me. 

To begin with, I've been waiting for this shade for some time, as I really wanted to use this beautiful 'Lady of Deer' outfit by Bare@Rose - then to find it is called Hunter Green just made me think of the Wild Hunt or Herne the Hunter from European pagan mythology, so I put on faun legs to make it a deer-faun. I have managed to include items from several favourite stores in this outfit, plus made great use of a hairstyle which I really love but have always slightly regretted buying in brown (which I never wear).

Looking for a photo location, I first tried Bentham Forest - which sadly doesn't seem to have the adventure quest any more, but although still beautiful, it was too dark and large-scale to make a good background. Camming around, I saw a much brighter sim next door and found Enchanted ~ Unicorn Sanctuary & Magical Forest. This is an utterly beautiful sim, rich and varied yet tranquil at the same time. It is also home to 

the most adorable pose-prop unicorn from Studio Sidhe, which is the highlight of this post. Having found him, I had to include him in my photo story and then had to go out and get myself one, even though he's a little more expensive than my weekly stipend. But he is well worth the cost because not only does he look fabulous, he is only 36 prims and actually moves into different positions for the five 'seating' poses with your avatar. Also he is copy so you don't need to worry about losing him in a simquake. My sister Rudh and our bestie Immacolata (who shares her land) both have unicorns, but I've never found one that was quite right to buy for myself - until now. The poses are really well designed for varied interaction, including one where both you and the unicorn kneel down for a hug, but that one didn't work so well with my staff (I stabbed the poor creature through the head!)

Obviously there has to be a little bit of story to go with these poses, but I have rambled enough so I will put the story under the photos. Onto the post!

~ Guardians of the Forest ~

One day, a travelling druidess came to a beautiful forest. She knew it must be enchanted, and home to many fey and wonderful creatures. She decided to stay here and make her services available to the local denizens, for she was a powerful shaman.

As she explored, the druidess encountered many unicorns, for this place served as a sanctuary for them. Finally she met the stallion of the herd, a great and noble beast who considered himself the resident Guardian of the Forest. The unicorn sought to test the newcomer, challenging her to prove herself worthy to dwell here and use her magic in his realm.

Their battle was long and tiring, more like a ritual dance than a fight, for neither truly wished to harm the other, only to prove their ability and strength of spirit. Great magic was unleashed in the glade where they met, converging to form a shimmering rainbow over the nearby waterfall.

The appearance of the rainbow showed beyond a doubt that rather than being rivals, the two complemented each another perfectly. Allied together, they would be a force for good almost unmatched in the land. They called a truce to their battle and embraced, swearing to work together to guard the enchanted forest and all who lived there. They were fast friends forever after.

Forest Guardians #1

Forest Guardians #2

 ~ Credits ~

Location: ~Enchanted~ Unicorn Sanctuary and Magical Forest

Studio Sidhe ~ the Unicorn (5-pose seating prop/decoration/companion)

Bare@Rose ~ 'Lady of Deer' robes, antlers and necklace (other colours incl. in pack)

Grendel's Children ~ 'Saturos Shaman' HUD-driven posable avatar ears & scripted staff (particle effects with avatar animations & casting sound) - this staff is awesome fun to use!

House of Ruin (now {Rue}) skin ~ 'Cabal: Raven & The Sun' (palomino) - hunt gift

TRUTH hair ~ 'Sasha' in cocoa (sculpty)

InSight eyes ~ 'Visions' Nova (Big) - (FURJapan charity event purchase)

Rotten Defiance ~ 'White Raven Faun' hooves - (hunt gift, modded; I simply happen to like these better than the ones that came with the Saturos Shaman)

L&E ~ my customary solar & lunar arm rings (no longer for sale, to my knowledge)

HANDverk ~ Serpent Ring (white; tinted) - (a gift from Rudh, from The Arcade gatcha event).


  1. ooooooh Fledge.. you made beautyful pictures! i am so impressed..full of emotion and beautiful colors and a super sweet story..LOVEEEEEEED it!!!

    1. Thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed it ^.^

  2. Well, the unicorn eclipsed you - but you expected that from me, didn't you? However, your dress, avatar, etc. were very impressive! And the background was lovely, as was your story.

    I am still a bit confused by colour names as different sites seem to use the same name for colours of totally different depth.

  3. EEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY FAVOURITE SO FAR... You know I love this outfit but WOW the pictures. I love the unicorn! I love the look you've been wearing... putting it together was just gorgeous! EEEEEEH

  4. Ooops, I'm late with my comment. Better late then never I suppose...

    Amazing unicorn! But I don't think it eclipsed you. You look awesome too. And I love the story you made :)

  5. Lovely post! I love when people put together not just a look, or a series with a prop, but make a whole story of it! Very well done <3

    1. Thanks so much! If you're interested, I made a few story posts in this challenge but it's so time consuming just making the outfit and taking the pictures, it doesn't happen too often. Past story posts are Patina (in January), Avocado (March), Shuttle Gray (April), Cobalt (May), Pistachio (June), and Persian Rose (July). And a sort of story/poem for Thistle (April).