Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Colour Challenge 37 - Royal Blue

Another angel this week, I am starting to build quite a repertoire of angelic avatars! It was one of those outfits I sort of threw together with no clear idea in mind except that I started with the skin and then when I found the B@R outfit, knew I was going cyberpunk. A friend recently cleared her inventory of a lot of B@R stuff, which all found its way to me, so thank you Kage! ^.^ I have been wandering around inworld wearing this avatar and growing to like it very much. The wings are lovely, they are flat prim but they are flexi and they seem to flow very nicely with movement, not too much but enough to notice and look realistic. 

I think this must be a modern-day warrior angel. There are roleplay sims for this kind of thing but it's not for me - I prefer RP with a select group of friends I can trust. I flew around New Babbage looking for suitable steampunk-esque locations and liked the look of this tornado beside a handy viewing tower. Not sure if I created the tornado, or came through it as a kind of planar portal, or it's an aspect of what I've come here to fight! Possibly all three - scifi plots can be complex that way.

^V^ Winged Nemesis ^V^

^V^ Credits ^V^

Location: New Babbage (Babbage Canals)

Skin & eyes by friends, with added {Birdy} makeup - color me & facepaint blues
Schadenfreude ~ August Half and Half ~ Big Blue Sky hair with PM Tattoo Hairbase in black
Pardoes ~free~ Metalix wings
Pulcino prim nails 'Mizu-Hanabi' in grey

B@R Rubber Rose pants & shirt in blue
Finesmith girl in Tux collar ~ silver leather
Yukirei claw of dragon2 necklace & dragon leather bracelet
Tekeli-li 'Graeae' earring
HDS Dragon Lady Boots (with Avatar Alpha Mask by Imnotgoing Sideways)
'Eternal Struggle' sword by Amulius Lioncourt


  1. I love that you are amassing Angels while I'm unleashing my Fae side LOL it is great to see those sides of us and not just something dark and demonic LOL! I like this look on you, I wouldn't say that it was a favourite but maybe that's just because I am not used to seeing you in blue! That last shot with the wings and the sword set in a somewhat hazy background is gorgeous, slightly ominous but gorgeous!

  2. hello Fledge.. because of your post i remember to have a nice futuristic outfit from B@re blue (((( could have used that one too for this week ))) love the metalic wings on you )))

  3. The wings are gorgeous! As someone completely unaware of the details of SL life, I don't care if they're 'flat' and don't actually understand the term - I just like them! I'm surprised at the colour because I thought royal blue was darker than that, but it works very well and the pics are lovely.

  4. Wow I don't know why, but those wings look very sharp to me! Not sure if you'd really need that sword to chop up your enemies. Just flapping your wings would make you a very good warrior angel! Beautiful pictures :)